WWE Main Event 12/06/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Main Event 12/06/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE's Wednesday Night main Event that aired on 12/06/2013 included superstars such as The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Sin Cara, Tons of Funk and The Uso's in action.  While not much as far as storyline was expected from the show, the wrestling matches were quite good.  Read on for the complete WWE Main Event 12/06/2013 Results along with the performance reviews of the matches that were taped on Tuesday Night.

Note: Spoilers included below.

WWE Main Event 12/06/2013 Results

The Miz Vs Cody Rhodes

The match between Miz and Cody Rhodes on 12/06/2013 was a perfect way to kick of main event.  The match lasted for 14:40 as it went back and forth and i must say both the wrestlers did extremely well to keep the WWE universe involved throughout.  Towards the end of the match after Rhodes hit a beautiful Disaster to almost win the match, Miz locked up a figure four to turn the results in his favor.

Damien Sandow finally decides to Wrestle

A segment saw Damien Sandow come out to the ring and speak about how much he needed to steep down to make people understand him.  He claimed that at WWE Main Event 12/06/2013 he would finally begin to express himself more physically and promised that he would beat Sheamus.

Damien Sandow Vs Sin Cara

As expected, the results of this match went in favor of Damien Sandow.  The match saw a lot of momentum going in the way of Sin Cara but Sandow managed to plant a silencer towards the end to win the match in 08:37.

Tons of Funk Vs The Uso Brothers

The final match of the night was scheduled to be between Tons of Funk and the Uso Brothers.  In what i did not expect The Uso's won the match comfortably in the end when Jey Uso planted a superfly splash and claimed pinfall.  That was pretty much about what happened during the show!

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