WWE Main Event 19/06/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Main Event 19/06/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

The WWE Main Event that aired on Wednesday Night (19/06/2013) took place at the Wright State university Nutter Center in Dayton, OH.  On last night's show, The Shield, Zeb Colter, Justin Gabriel and The Uso's were all in action as they faced off against each other.  Antonio Cesaro was the highlight of the show as he was set to go against Sin Cara in the best match of the night.  Read on for the complete WWE Main Event 19/06/2013 Results along with a review and Analysis of the show

Note: Spoilers will be included below.

WWE Main Event 19/06/2013 Results and Review

The first match that took place last night was a Six man tag team match between The Shield against The Uso's and Justin Gabriel.  The results of the match ended as many would have expected in Shield's favor as they once again dominated the entire match through their brute force.

On Raw this week, Zeb Colter claimed that he and Jack Swagger were forming some kind of an alliance with Antonio Cesaro, the alliance was evident at WWE Main Event 19/06/2013 as Colter stood by the side of Cesaro during his match up against Sin Cara.  Cesaro managed to earn a victory via neutralizer.

The Divas were not too far behind during the show, Kaitlyn went one on one against Aksana.  Kaitlyn has been through an emotional turmoil from the past few weeks because of AJ lee, She was looking to take out her frustrations on some one.  She eventually planted a Spear on Aksana as she won the match comfortably towards the end.

Quick Results

WWE Main Event 19/06/2013 Results
6-Man Tag: The Shield def. Justin Gabriel and The Uso's.
Antonio Cesaro def. Sin Cara.
Kaitlyn def. Aksana.

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