WWE Payback 16/06/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Payback 16/06/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The WWE Payback Pay Per View that aired on 16/06/2013 kicked off with the theme song "Chicago Gangster."  The PPV was held at CM Punk's Home town Chicago and was expected to put light to a lot of feuds we have been witnessing since the past few weeks.  Read on for the complete WWE Payback 16/06/2013 Results along with the performance reviews of the matches and analysis of the show.

WWE Payback 16/06/2013 Results and Review

Curtis Axel Vs The Miz Vs Wade Barrett - WWE Intercontinental championship

The first match of the night on 16/06/2013 was the Miz Vs Curtis Axel Vs Wade Barrett for the intercontinental championship.  Over the past few weeks, Curtis Axel has got a well deserved push as a heel, so him winning the title last night was somewhat expected.  The results came in his favor as he sneaked in to pin Barrett while he was in a figure four lock submission hold by The Miz.  

Winner: Curtis Axel

Axel's Celebration

After the intercontinental championship match was over and Axel was declared the winner, Axel and Heyman posed with the title as Curtis kissed his belt after a fitting victory.
WWE Payback 2013

Moving On, a backstage segment of Axel and Heyman's celebration was cut short as they were interrupted by Triple H who had a stare down with the new intercontinental champion.  Vince McMahon then came towards Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman and congratulated him for his victory and asked him to walk away.  Vince then hinted a match between Axel and Triple H at Raw but HHH said he was not interested.

AJ Lee Vs Kaitlyn - WWE Divas Championship

The next match at WWE Payback 16/06/2013 was for the Divas Championship.  What ignited the feud was that last week at Raw it was Revealed that Kaitlyn's secret admirer was actually Big E Langston, who was asked by AJ Lee to play with Kaitlyn's emotions as a secret admirer.  The way the segment went on Monday Night Kaitlyn's confidence definitely looked dented as a result of which she ended up losing her championship.   The results turned in AJ's favor as she applied a black widow on Kaitlyn.  Despite several efforts of trying to break the hold, Kaitlyn was forced to tap out in the end as she lost the match as well as the title.

Winner: AJ Lee

Kaitlyn Cries Again!

After the match AJ celebrated her title regain and left the ring with Big E Langston, Kaitlyn then sat up in the ring and started crying.  While Making her way back, Kaitlyn stopped in the enterance way and started crying again but this time she was accompanied by Layla who came towards her and hugged her as they both cried their way back.

Kane Vs Dean Ambrose - WWE United States Championship

A member of team hell No against a member was the shield was the WWE United states championship was the next match scheduled at Payback on 16/06/2013.  I was not happy with the results of the match as to an extent it looked as though it was very unfair.  Towards the end while Kane was trying to chokeslam Ambrose, He reversed the move and gave Kane a DDT on the floor as the match ended in favor of Dean Ambrose as a count out.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler - World Heavyweight Championship

After a long time i saw someone whom i wanted to win finally go through.  Alberto Del Rio finally regain his much awaited World Heavyweight championship at Payback as he survived a zig zag and planted a kick to the back to ziggler's head to win the title once again.

Winner:  Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio's Celebration and Request to fans

After winning the championship yet another time, Del Rio celebrated his victory alongside his faithful announcer Ricardo Rodriguez.  The trainers came out to check on ziggler and took his away.  Del Rio then told the fans that what he has done in the WWE has always been for his fans and asked him for their support but he got booed instead.

Chris Jericho Vs CM Punk  (One of my most anticipated match)

I have always thought that Chris Jericho is not been properly used while CM Punk has been over used, so this was a match i was eagerly looking forward to and was hoping for Jericho to somehow pull it off.  The match saw a lot of back and forth but if you remember it was held at Chicago so Punk always had an upper hand.  Towards the end Jericho lost because of a GTS by Punk as he won the match in front of his home crowd at Illinois, Chicago.

After the match was over, Punk sat on his knees as the fans were cheering for him.  Paul Heyman then made his way towards the ring and they spoke about something which annoyed Punk.  Heyman was confused with what Punk said but applauded him as Punk posed for his home crowd.

Winner: CM Punk

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan Vs Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns - WWE Tag Team Championship

The next match scheduled at Payback 16/06/2013 was Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for the WWE Tag Team championship.  This match was either a make or break situation for team hell no as lots depended on the results.  Luckily for the sake of team hell no, the match went in favor of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as Rollins hit a finisher on Bryan towards the end to retain the belts.  Guess we can expect more of Bryan is the weakest link arguments during the upcoming episodes.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

Ryback Vs John Cena - WWE Championship - Three stages of Hell

The three stages of hell match kicked off well with a lumberjack match.  The match as expected saw a lot of superstars getting into an altercation with the lumberjacks as a result of being thrown out of the ring but the end was fantastic as it showed the true power Ryback Possesses.  Ryback fought out of the STFU by John Cena and shellshocked him to win the first stage.

Stage One Winner: Ryback

The second stage was a tables match, the odds were much in favor of John Cena for this one as he had a lot of experience in being threw these in the past.  Remember his classic feud with Edge where he AA'd him through three tables? 

As epic as that match against Edge, towards the end of this match Ryback looked to be all set to win the match as he was prepared to shellshock Cena through the table he had set up.  Cena however blocked Ryback and put him through the table courtesy of an AA.

Stage Two Winner: John Cena

The third stage favored Ryback more because of his fascinations with the Ambulance' over the past few weeks.  While this was a decider John Cena just about pulled it through as he gave an  AA to Ryback on top of the Ambulance as he fell through the roof and on the back of the Ambulance as the results went in his favor.

Winner: John Cena

After the match Cena posed with his title belt as the Ambulance sirens started up with Ryback in the back.  The WWE Payback 16/06/2013 went off  air with Cena carrying his title belt towards the back.

Quick Results of WWE Payback - 16/06/2013

WWE Payback 16/06/2013 Results
Curtis Axel Defeated The Miz and Wade Barrett to become the new Intercontinental Champion
AJ Lee Defeated Kaitlyn to become the new WWE Divas champion
Dean Ambrose defeated Kane
Alberto Del Rio Defeated Dolph Ziggler to become the new World Heavyweight Champion
CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho
Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns Defeated Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan to retain tag team championship
John Cena Defeated Ryback to Retain WWE Championship

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