WWE Raw 10/06/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 10/06/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

The WWE Monday Night Raw that aired on 10/06/2013 kicked off with a recap from last week where the McMahons prevented Triple H from Wrestling.  This week's Show that aired from Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia was about to put more light on the ongoing feuds with the next PPV just a few days away.  Read on for the complete WWE Raw 10/06/2013 Results along with a review and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers will be included below.

WWE Raw 10/06/2013 Results and Review

Vince McMahon's Mind games with HHH?

The Raw episode on 10/06/2013 started with Triple H's match against Curtis Axel, In the midst of the match Vince McMahon came towards the ring and walked around the ringside.  Axel managed to reverse Triple H's headlock and threw him to the mat.  Vince, Who was all in smiles asked Justin Roberts to call off the match and ring the bell.

Post match, Triple H yelled at Vince as he was making his way back up the ramp with smile on his face.  Triple H was then mocked by Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel in the ring after which he asked Justin Roberts to ring the bell and restart the match as per the orders by the WWE'S COO.

While the match was restarted, Vince McMahon came back and this time was not smiling and called off the match once again, this pissed of HHH even more.  Just as Vince was leaving Triple H asked him what he was doing.  HHH then went back to Justin Roberts and asked him to announce the match as 60 minutes Iron Man Match this time.

As expected Vince McMahon came back to the ringside took the mic and said Curtis to leave the ring as he had already won the match twice.  Curtis then left with Heyman.  Vince then took Justin Robert's Mic and the timekeeper's bell and walked off as Triple H looked on.

A backstage segment on raw  saw Triple H venting his anger on Stephanie McMahon as he told her that Vince had crossed the line just to embarrass him.  Stephanie agreed with what Triple H said but asked him not to hurt Vince as she claimed that he was not getting any younger.  She then asked him to try to think about Vince in the pool with their kids.  Triple H then asked Stephanie to go and talk to vince because if he did it all hell would break lose!

Team Hell No Break Up Teased?

After the results of the match between Kane and Dean Ambrose went in favor of Kane on 10/06/2013, Courtesy of a DQ, He was attacked by Rollins and Reigns.  Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan then came to Kane's rescue as  the Shield Eventually retreated.

A match between Bryan against Rollins and Orton against Reigns was then announced.

A segment at WWE Raw 10/06/2013 saw Kane, Bryan and Orton arguing once again.  They were interrupted by Vickie Guerrero who made a match between Orton and Bryan Vs Rollins and Reigns for the WWE Tag Team championships at Payback.  Kane didn't look too happy with the decision which resulted in him getting a US title shot at the upcoming PPV.

Curtis Axel: The No.1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship

After the results of the match between Miz and Cody Rhodes on Raw went in favor of the Miz, he was seen limping around as Wade Barrett entered the ring.  Paul Heyman then interrupted as he said Vickie had given her permission to allow Curtis Axel take place of Fandango at Payback.  

Axel then came out towards the ring and bragged a bit about himself and explained why he would be the next intercontinental champion.

Stephanie McMahon Unhappy with Vince's earlier actions

Another segment on 10/06/2013 saw Stephanie walking into Vince's office.  She told him that she understood that Vince was trying to protect Triple H but what he did tonight would have been embarrassing for the king of kings,  Vince Responded by saying that HHH made his baby girl cry after which Stephanie said Vince made her cry.  Vince claimed he didn't care about Triple H's Pride and always put WWE first.

Vince ended the segment by saying it would be best if Stephanie kept HHH away from him as he is not interested in talking to him either as he walked off.

 Chris Jericho promises victory over CM Punk

Chris Jericho was the next to come out to the ring at WWE Raw 10/06/2013 as he spoke about his match against CM Punk.  He spoke about their previous matches and said he needed to beat Punk.  As he was about to say that neither of them will ever, ever be same, he was interrupted by the World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler who came out to the ring with AJ Lee and Big E Langston.

Ziggler bragged about himself by saying how he won the championship and stole the show while he won it.  He said he would face Alberto Del Rio at Payback to which Jericho responded by suggesting them to have a warm-up match tonight.  Dolph chickened out and said Jericho can face Big E Langston instead.

Vickie Guerrero and Vince's Backstage segment

Moving on, A backstage segment at WWE Raw 10/06/2013 showed Vickie Guerrero along with Brad Maddox.  Vickie was seen feasting on a big cheeseburger as she was interrupted by Vince McMahon, who asked her to breathe and swallow.  Vickie licked her fingers and tried to shake Vince's hand who was in a pretty bad mood.

Vince claimed that he was not sure about Ryback and Cena face off tonight to which Maddox suggested to have the Payback Lumberjacks come out to the ring tonight.  Vince thought it was a good idea and asked Vickie to share her burger with Maddox.

Kaitlyn's Secret Admirer Revealed

WWE Raw 10/06/2013 was about to reveal who the secret admirer of Kaitlyn was.  Kaitlyn was in the ring and asked the secret Admirer to show himself.  Out came, Big E Langston all dressed up with flowers.  Kaitlyn looked visibly surprised as Big E looked nervous and claimed people only saw him as a big tough guy.  He claimed that he cared much more than that and cared a lot about Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn was still confused and said she doesn't get it.  Big E confessed that Kaitlyn was all he could think of since the day he saw her and dropped the mic as he approached to kiss her.  Big E ended up dropping Kaitlyn on the mat after he made her wait for the kiss.

Surprise Surprise! Out came AJ Lee who said she hoped Kaitlyn knew how it felt like when other superstars played with her emotions and Kaitlyn was busy running behind the WWE Divas championship.  Kaitlyn called her crazy to which AJ responded by saying that she was smart.  

AJ further said that Kaitlyn was sad, weak and pitiful.  She ended up calling her trash as Kaitlyn started crying.  AJ said Kaitlyn had nobody to care for her and all she had was a divas title she will take away on Sunday.  After a little more of trash talk the divas went all out at each other which eventually ends up being a cat fight.

After the results of the match between Damien Sandow and R Truth were announced, Sheamus came out to the ring to congratulate Sandow.  He told Sandow he got his attention last week because of which they will face at Payback.  Sheamus ended the segment by saying he was going to kick off Sandow's  head at Chicago.

Vince, Stephanie and HHH's Group Hug

Moving on at WWE Raw 10/06/2013, Vince was seen talking to Stephanie when Triple H showed up.  An argument soon followed after which Stephanie asked both of them to work it out as she was getting sick and tired of the whole drama.  Stephanie then walked off.  Neither Vince nor Triple H apologized as Vince said he did the right thing as HHH was much bigger than a match against Curtis Axel.  Vince tried to convince triple h as he told him he was much bigger than a match against Curtis axel and that he wants him to be a man more than an icon or a legend.  Despite all this Triple H said he was not going to apologize.

After a little more of an argument, Vince finally told triple H he could have his match against Curtis Axel next week on raw which HHH didn't agree to.  They ended up arguing about the same once again as Stephanie came back and asked for a group hug.  Vince said he doesn't hug other men to which HHH took offense.  Stephanie then asked them both to hug her at the same time as the segment ended with a smile on Stephanie's face as both Vince and HHH walked off.

Ryback and his fascination with the Ambulance

The last segment at WWE Raw 10/06/2013 saw an ambulance pull up at the stage with Ryback coming out to approach the ring.  Instead of approaching the ring, Ryback made his way towards the stage.  Cena told Ryback that face to face meant he had to be in the ring and face the WWE Champion.  Cena then ignored Ryback and spoke about their three stages of hell match at Payback.

Ryback then said he could tear through any lumberjacks, Cena or any of the fans.  After they argued a bit more, Ryback claimed to have gotten more fast and became a threat to Cena.  He further claimed that he had become so popular that Cena went to damage control.  He also accused Cena that when the going got tough, Cena left him high and dry after which Cena asked him to shut up.

Cena claimed Ryback spent most of his time bitching and crying and also promised that he will walk into hell on Sunday and will walk out saying "The Champ is Here"    Ryback said his eyes had opened wide now and he could see that Cena was full of Crap and said that the legend of John Cena will end on Sunday.

Ryback continued to play mind games as he  Criticized Cena's body and said he will become the WWE Champion at Payback.  Cena then took off his shirt and was ready to fight, he tried running out of the ring towards Ryback but the Lumberjacks threw him back in the ring.  He tried going the other way but was stopped once again.  Ryback then ran down but Cena ducked and sent him over the top into the lumberjacks as they brawled while WWE Raw 10/06/2013 went off air.

Quick Raw Results (10/06/2013)

WWE Raw 10/06/2013 Results
2 Matches: Curtis Axel defeated Triple H via DQ and Forefeit
Kane Defeated Dean Ambrose Via DQ
The Miz defeated Cody Rhodes
Chris Jericho Defeated Big E Langston
Antonio Cesaro Defeated Sin Cara
Randy Orton Vs Roman Reigns ended in a no contest
Daniel Bryan defeated Seth Rollins
Damien Sandow defeated R Truth

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