WWE Raw 03/06/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 03/06/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE'S Monday Night Raw on 03/06/2013 kicked off with a couple of video recaps from Last Week, A video of John Cena's three stages of hell challenge to Ryback and Triple H being out of action after his matches against Brock Lesnar and Curtis Axel were shown.  The feature of WWE's Monday Night episode for me however was the return of the WWE Diva 'Stephanie McMahon.'  Read on for the complete WWE Raw 03/06/2013 Results and Review along with the Analysis of the show.  Please bear in mind spoilers will be included below.

WWE Raw 03/06/2013 Results and Review

The McMahon Reunion

The episode kicked off with Stephanie McMahon in the center of the ring, She said it was great for her to be back on WWE Raw but it would have been even apt if she was back under better circumstances.  She spoke about Triple H's Match against Brock Lesnar  at Extreme Rules and against Curtis Axel at Raw.  Stephanie claimed that despite Triple H being clear to wrestle on Monday Night she had taken an executive decision and wont be allowing him to compete as she had taken the decision as an executive, wife and a mother.  She further added that Triple H had given his life and Body up for the fans and this decision was not about them and asked the fans not to be selfish after which Vince McMahon's music hit.

Vince came out towards the ring with a loud cheer from the crowd.  He asked fans not to Boo Stephanie which was ignored by the WWE Universe.  Mr. McMahon went on to claim that he and Stephanie care more about Triple H than the fans do.  He then asked the fans what they wanted, which was followed by loud Triple H chants.  Vince then said WWE was about family entertainment and not a blood sport.  The segment ended with Vince saying Triple H wont be competing tonight and claiming Curtis Axel and fans were beneath him.

Randy Orton's Argument with Daniel Bryan (It's all about Respect)

After the results of The match against The Shield didn't go Randy Orton and Team Hell No's way a huge argument followed backstage, Orton Argued with Daniel Bryan who in turn argued with Kane as he was fed up with everyone thinking he was a weak link.  He further asked Orton to think the same now and claimed that Team Hell No did not respect him to which Kane Responded by saying Bryan had lost touch with reality, the backstage segment on 03/06/2013 ended with Bryan saying that he will have another match and will beat respect out of someone and hopefully that will make Orton and Kane Respect him.

Triple H's Arrival and Reaction to the McMahon's refusal to let him fight

Triple H arrived backstage and was angry because of the events that transpired earlier on at WWE Raw 03/06/2013.  He went straight to the McMahon's office and was greeted by Stephanie with a hug and a kiss.  An argument between Triple H, Stephanie and Vince then followed where the McMahon's refused to let The Game fight.  Vince said nobody would like to see Triple H unconscious again to which the cerebral assassin responded by saying he will wrestle Curtis Axel tonight and asked who was going to stop him.  Stephanie tried to calm things down by getting in between the two after which Vince handed over a contract to Triple H.  After looking at at the contract Triple H asked Vince not to do anything that he will regret as Vince exited.

After the results of Sheamus' match against Cody Rhodes went in former's favor on 03/06/2013, the celtic Warrior went towards Damien Sandow to shake his hand which was slapped away by Sandow, Sheamus ended up giving a right hand to Sandow as he went down.

The focus once again shifted on Triple H  as he was seen leaving the arena and talking to Stephanie about Vince getting in his face.  He further claimed that the reason behind him leaving for the night was so that their kids don't have to see him whip his grandfather on TV.  He asked Stephanie to inform Mcmahon that he will be facing Curtis Axel next week on WWE Raw.

Daniel Bryan and Ryback's Backstage fallout

Daniel Bryan who was very upset with what happened earlier was seeing kicking a few things backstage and soon enough Ryback Appeared.  Ryback asked him to watch what he was doing and claimed his throw up was bigger than Bryan.  Bryan responded by saying he was not afraid of Ryback after which Mr. Feed Me More asked him to prove it and challenged him to a match.  Ryback further teased Bryan by calling him the weakest link and also said after their match tonight he will be the missing link.

Vince McMahon was then seen walking towards Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel, Vince said Axel will not be facing Triple H tonight or Next week on Raw but setup a No DQ match between John Cena and Curtis Axel.

CM Punk - Chris Jericho Contract Signing

After the results of the Miz- Wade Barrett match were announced the focus of the show turned to CM Punk and Chris Jericho's contract Signing.  Chris Jericho was introduced after which Paul Heyman who was representing CM Punk came out and spoke about his client.

Chris Jericho and Paul Heyman were introduced in the ring,  Jericho interrupted Paul Heyman just as he was about the complete the sentence 'When Jericho shows up for payback to wrestle the best in the world...' and mocked CM Punk as he claimed he does not care what CM Punk had done in the past.   Heyman then signed the contract and passed it over to Chris Jericho and asked him if he was really prepared to face the best in the world in Chicago.  

Jericho then mocked a bit more as he asked heyman if they should fight his client in Madison Square Garden, Summerslam or at WWE Raw 03/06/2013.  All of the options are opposed by Heyman after which Jericho said Chicago was fine and signed the contract.  He further said that no matter where a person is from, if he is a jackass he will get treated like one.  The segment ended with Jericho planting the contract in Heymans Pants as he told him he will see him in Chicago.

The results of the match Between Ryback and Daniel Bryan went in Bryan's favor via DQ as Mr. Feed Me more decided to use tables in a match he was not supposed to.  After the match was officially called off Ryback picked up another table but was confronted by John Cena.  They Faced off but were interrupted by Curtis Axel who made his way towards the stage alongside Paul Heyman as Axel was supposed to face John Cena in a No DQ Match at Raw.  The show went off air with the results showing a curtis axel win over john Cena via countout.  To know more about what matches took place at Raw 03/06/2013  and who were the winners, have a look at the complete list of the results below.

Results of WWE Raw 03/06/2013

WWE Raw 03/06/2013 Results
The Shield Defeated Randy Orton, Kane and Daniel Bryan
The Usos Defeated Prime Time Players
Alberto Del Rio Defeated Big E Langston
Sheamus Defeated Cody Rhodes
Fandango vs. The Great Khali ended in a no contest
The Miz Defeated Wade Barrett
Kaitlyn, Cameron and Naomi Defeated The Bella Twins and AJ Lee
Daniel Bryan Defeated Ryback Via DQ
Curtis Axel Defeated John Cena Via countout

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