WWE Raw 17/06/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 17/06/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

The WWE Raw on 17/06/2013 kicked off with a video recap of what happened at wwe's Sunday Night PPV.  While all the matches at the Pay Per View turned out to be great, I still felt something was a miss., Probably Brock Lesnar or maybe a bigger wrestler.  Anyways, to know more about the review and analysis of what went down last night, Read on for the complete WWE Raw 17/06/2013 Results.
Note: Spoilers included below

WWE Raw 17/06/2013 Results

Raw kicked off with Justin Roberts in the center of the ring as he introduced Ricardo Rodriguez.  Ricardo received a lot of boos from the WWE Universe as he went on the introduce the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. 

WWE Raw 17/06/2013: Alberto Del Rio's victory Speech 

Alberto Del Rio was very happy after the results of his match against Dolph Ziggler went in his favor on Sunday Night and since he was now the new WWE Champion, he decided to give his speech to the WWE fans.  Del Rio started off by asking how everyone's weekend was and spoke about how everyone these days were speaking about the Man of Steel, he claimed that he was the real superman after which Ricardo introduced Del Rio once again.

On 17/06/2013, Del Rio further went on to say how most of the WWE Fans thought his match against Ziggler was controversial, He accused the fans for cheering Ziggler when he attacked an injured man post wrestlemania.  He also said how he gives everything that the fans want but never gets anything in return. 

He went on to speak about Jack Swagger and claimed that Swagger was an ignorant pig, he was upset that the fans were chanting for pig and a coward but not for him.  He said he had fought hard for the fans for 5 months and didn't receive anything in return, Last Night, he fought for himself and became a new WWE world Heavyweight champion.  He claimed he will show all the WWE Fans why he was the best and will give everyone a second chance to respect him. CM Punk then interrupted and made his way to the ring along with Paul Heyman.

WWE Raw 17/06/2013: The Best in the World

CM Punk interrupted Del Rio and reminded him of the results of his match against Del Rio, after which he had held on to the title for 434 days.  Punk said that the main reason behind him being in the ring was because Del Rio had said that he was the best. Punk claimed that there was only one best in the world and he is the one Del Rio is looking at.

Heyman then Interrupted by saying that his client does not fight for free but was asked to keep quite by CM Punk but he still continued on to speak. Punk then cut Heyman and asked him what he was trying to do.  Heyman went on to confess that he felt Punk was banged up from last night and that they never had a conversation about this match.  Heyman tried to pull punk out of the match by saying that the Championship would not even be on the line.  

Punk said that Ziggler deserved a re-match and also claimed that while Ziggler was stealing the show with Del Rio, Punk was stealing it with Chris Jericho.  Punk said that he has proved he was the best in the world and wanted to do it again on Monday night.  Del Rio claimed this was not what Punk actually wanted to which Punk responded that this was exactly what he was looking for.  After a bit more of a banter, out come Vickie Guerrero alongside Brad Maddox.  Vickie claimed that Del Rio didn't have the authority to make the matches after which she announced the main event of WWE Raw 17/06/2013 as Punk Vs Del Rio.

Backstage, Heyman asked Punk if he knew how much he cared about him to which Punk responded by Apologizing for jumping the gun in the ring.  Punk said Heyman's interference on Sunday night almost cost him his match on Sunday Night.  Punk claimed he was neither Curtis Axel nor Brock Lesnar and didn't want Heyman ringside with him, Punk however confessed that he would continue to be a Paul Heyman guy as he walked off with Heyman looking sad.

WWE Raw 17/06/2013: Christian's Return

Christian made his return at WWE Raw that aired on 17/06/2013 and his first match was against Wade Barrett.  While the match didn't last long it was good to see Captain Charisma achieve desired results after he pinned Barrett via Killswitch.

WWE Raw 17/06/2013: Rob Van Dam (RVD) to make a return?

A backstage segment at Raw 17/06/2013 saw triple H, Vickie and Brad Maddox speaking, Vickie bragged to triple H about what happened on Monday night.  HHH then asked what her plans of a main event were if CM Punk didn't challenge Del Rio to which Vickie didn't respond, Instead she bragged a bit more about bringing back Christian to which HHH told her that Christian had been cleared for a month and half now and asked  her what was the reason behind them just bringing him back now.

Triple H then spoke about Rob Van Dam as they both took credit of bringing him back.  Triple H said it was him who made a deal with RVD over the phone and asked Vickie to take care of The Shield.  He further said he wanted Vickie to make an example of The Shield if they got involved tonight, he then joked while he said that putting 3MB on the Monday night show was genius.

WWE Raw 17/06/2013: Team Hell No, Yes or Maybe?

Another backstage segment at WWE Raw on 17/06/2013 saw Kane trying to speak to Daniel Bryan who preferred to stay away by saying that he was busy.  Bryan said Kane might have been glad that he didn't win the tag team championship along with Orton on Sunday Night to which Kane responded by saying he did not feel the way Bryan thought.

Kane went on to say that Maybe Team Hell no needed to give it another shot to which Bryan responded by saying he was never going to be anything if he was involved in a team.  He said he was now all about Team Daniel Bryan now and was looking to win the WWE title.  Kane said he had similar plans and asked Bryan if they were done and if was the end of the road for Team Hell No.  Bryan then said he didn't know after which Kane wished him Good Luck.

WWE Raw 17/06/2013: Stephanie McMahon and AJ Lee Face Off

The next segment at WWE Raw on 17/06/2013 saw the new WWE Divas champion AJ Lee making her way to the ring.  AJ bragged about how she won the championship and called out any other diva to challenge her if they were even a fraction of what she is in the back.  Out came Stephanie McMahon.

AJ asked Stephanie if she had come to congratulate her to which Stephanie responded by saying that there was a line of Divas waiting in the back to come out but she wanted to first speak to AJ.  Stephanie congratulated AJ.  Stephanie asked her the reason behind AJ keeping a stereotype about how women are and claimed AJ's actions against Kaitlyn were degrading to women everywhere.  She asked AJ to start acting like a champion after which AJ aplogized and said she will act more like Stephanie from now on.

AJ further said that maybe she would marry a superstar instead of dating one and spoke about Stephanie's daddy issues.  Stephanie claimed that she was expecting something more original and said that she was a McMahon and no one does crazy better than them.

AJ claimed to be a younger version of Stephanie after which Stephanie told her that she had the power to take everything away from her.  Kaitlyn's music then hit and out she came with Cameron, Naomi, Layla, Alicia Fox and Natalya.  Kaitlyn congratulated AJ while Stephanie walked out the ramp, grabbed her mic and asked her never to interrupt her again before she walked away

Kaitlyn then said that AJ manipulated her and broke her and it about time she got some revenge.  Kaitlyn went towards the ring and attacked AJ after which Big E Langston pulled AJ off the ring.  AJ tried to get back but was stopped by Big E.

WWE Raw 17/06/2013: Vickie Guerro and The Shield's Backstage segment

After the results of the match between Kane and Dean Ambrose went in Kane's favor at Raw, The shield wrecked havoc once again as Reigns took Kane down with a spear after which all the three members him him with a triple powerbomb.

The Shield's actions pissed off Vickie Guerrero as she approached them backstage.  The shield teased Vickie by saying if she was planning to spank them or something.  Ambrose went on to say that Vickie should think about what she was doing before she did it.  

Vince McMahon walked up and told The Shield that they reminded vince of Himself as he too was ruthless just like them. He then told the shield that they were doing a good job.  Vince told Vickie that he didn't like Kane anyhow.

WWE Raw 17/06/2013: Zeb Colter's speech

The next segment saw Zeb Colter speaking about how America was under siege.  He spoke about government spying and Foreigners sneaking across borders.  He claimed that they were at war because of which unusual alliances happen.  He said that Jack Swagger and himself have chosen to work alongside Antonio Cesaro.

WWE Raw 17/06/2013: Mark Henry's Retirement

John Cena came out to the ring and spoke about how horrible last year he had.  He went on to say that he would take any challenge laid in front of him after which he said The Champ is here. His music hit and he was just about to leave the ring when Mark Henry's music hit and he came out.

Mark Henry asked Cena to wait as he had something to say to Cena and all the people in the back.  He said he loved everyone in the business and the fans.  He got emotional and said Cena would be the greatest WWE Champion at the rate at which he was going.  He also claimed to have achieved a lot of success as he was also a WWE and ECW champion as well.

Henry then said he was there to formally retire from active roster after which Cena handed him the WWE title which he raised up.  Cena and the fans applauded Mark Henry who gave back the title to John Cena as he said it needed to be earned.  Henry went on to speak about how he would get to see more of his family and thanked the fans and hugged Cena, while hugging Henry gave cena the World's strongest Slam and said he had lots left in the tank.  He threw the title at Cena before he left the ring and yelled from the ramp "That's what i do!"

While walking backstage at Raw 17/06/2013, Henry was approached by Renne Young for a comment, Henry claimed he had fooled everyone as they were puppets and challenged Cena for the WWE title.

After the results of Chris Jericho Vs Heath Slater's match went in favor of Jericho, Matt Striker tried to speak to Paul Heyman.  Heyman said that he was the best friend of the best in the world and they needed space and asked Striker to talk about Curtis Axel instead.

WWE Raw 17/06/2013: The Mark Henry Situation

Vince Mcmahon in a backstage segment on 17/06/2013 was with Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero.  He asked them their plans about tackling Mark Henry.  A match between Cena and Henry was then setup for the WWE money in the bank PPV.  Triple H and Stephanie then argued about how out of control everything  on Raw was turning out to be.  Vince then asked Vickie to listen to him while Triple H asked her to listen to him as they walked off.  Stephanie told Vickie she knew who to really listen to.

Heyman hugged Punk before his match against Alberto Del Rio.

WWE Raw 17/06/2013: Brock Lesnar and CM Punk's face off

After the results of CM Punk's match against Del Rio went in his favor, Brock Lesnar's music hit and out he came.  Lesnar stared at Punk from the stage and made his way towards the ring.  Lesnar was about to speak but dropped the mic and planted an F5 on Punk as WWE Raw 17/06/2013 went off air.

Results of WWE Raw 17/06/2013

WWE Raw 17/06/2013 Results
Christian Defeated Wade Barrett
Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow Defeated Sheamus
Randy Orton Defeated Daniel Bryan
Kane Defeated Dean Ambrose
Antonio Cesaro Defeated William Regal
Chris Jericho Defeated Heath Slater
Curtis Axel Defeated Sin Cara
CM Punk Defeated Alberto Del Rio

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