WWE Raw 24/06/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 24/06/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Raw that aired on 24/06/2013 kicked off with a recap from last week where Brock Lesnar's attack on CM Punk and Mark Henry's attack on John Cena were shown.  This week was about to shed more light about how the storyline moved forward and the intentions behind the attacks.  Read on for the complete WWE Raw 24/06/2013 Results along with a review and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers will be included below

WWE Raw 24/06/2013 Results

Monday Night Raw kicked off with Daniel Bryan in the center of the Ring, Bryan spoke about how people looked down at him because of his size and told him that he was the weakest link.  He further said the people who had claimed him to be the weakest link were Morons as he had given a tough fight to Randy Orton Twice and also confirmed that he wont be satisfied until he pinned Randy Orton or made him tap out. 

Randy Orton then came out to the ring and grabbed Bryan's mic.  Orton said he came out to tell him to shut up and fight.  Randy and Bryan then got into a brawl after which Bryan knocked him out of the ring before the match officially kicked off.

WWE Raw 24/06/2013 Results: Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan

The match kicked off with a lot of back and forth with both the wrestlers looking evenly balanced and each one of them trying to put the other down.  The Referee was hardly able to control the match as both the superstars really went after each other and continued to brawl which resulted in the match being called off.

Winner: No Contest

In a backstage Segment Brad Maddox was seen speaking to Vickie Guerrero. Bryan stormed in and spoke about his match that just ended in a double Disqualification.  He demanded a rematch with Orton at WWE Raw 24/06/2013 to settle the score, Maddox responded by saying that they had a very busy schedule tonight.  Bryan then asked them to give him a match with Maddox in that case.

Vickie eventually agreed and granted Bryan his match against Orton.  Bryan then left the room as Vickie Laughed as she looked at Maddox scared about wrestling Bryan.  Vince McMahon then made an appearance and said that some people thought Bryan did not deserve to be a WWE star because of his size while some people said he was an embarrassment.  Vickie then asked Vince what he thought to which Vince said he will let them figure that out.

WWE Raw 24/06/2013 Results: Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow Vs Sheamus and Christian

The Match started with Cody pushing Christian Shoulder first onto the steel steps.  Christian retaliated to an extent but Sandow was quickly tagged in to keep the attack going.  At a point during the match Christian tried to use Killswitch on Sandow but it was reversed by Cody who kicked him low.

Eventually, Sheamus got tagged in and unleashed on Sandow.  Cody tried to come into the ring to try to save sandow but was Brogue kicked.

Winner: Sheamus and Christian

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero approached CM Punk and said that she was putting him in a match later on.  Punk ignored her which made Vickie Angry as she yelled at him.  He Yelled back at her face as he said "Excuse Me."

WWE Raw 24/06/2013 Results: Kaitlyn Vs Aksana

Layla was at ringside accompanying Kaityn during her match against Aksana.  During the middle portion of the match, Kaitlyn's music hit which distracted everyone as AJ Lee came towards the ring dressed up as Kaitlyn and teased her from the stage.  Aksana tried to take advantage to win the match but Kaitlyn speared her to get the pin

Winner: Kaitlyn

Post match, AJ cut a promo from the stage and ran Kaitlyn down.  Big E Langston came out with flowers and accompanied AJ in teasing Kaitlyn a bit more as Layla tried to hold Kailyn back.

WWE Raw 24/06/2013 Results: Chris Jericho Vs Alberto Del Rio

Another match which saw a lot of back and forth was Jericho vs Del Rio. Through the course of the match Jericho planted a bulldog after which Del Rio managed to block the lionsault.  Del Rio then managed to lock the cross armbreaker but Jericho managed to reach the rope.  Just as Y2J got the walls of Jericho locked in, Ricardo ran in and hit him with his bucket which caused a dq.

Winner/Results: Chris Jericho

Post match, Dolph Ziggler came to the ring to attack Del Rio.  Jericho managed to hit Ricardo with a codebreaker while Ziggler planted a zigzag on Del Rio.  Y2J and Ziggler then faced off in the middle of the ring, just as Jericho brushed past Ziggler, he planted a zig zag on the ayatollah of rock and rolla as well.

WWE Raw 24/06/2013 Results: Triple H Persuades Vickie

Brad Maddox was ready to for the WWE 2k14 reveal while Vickie was busy speaking about cancelling Bryan Vs Orton.  Triple H then walked in and said that he was hearing rumors about Vickie's plans to cancel Oron-Bryan match to which Vickie responded by speaking about the size of Bryan and about what Vince said.  

Triple H didn't seem to agree and told Vickie that the WWE universe wanted the match tonight to which Vickie agreed as well.  Triple H wanted Vickie to give fans the power to choose the stipulation of the match and told her that if she listens to him, everything will be alright.  He then teased about Maddox' shirt before he walked off.

WWE Raw 24/06/2013 Results: WWE 2K14 Cover Reveal

It was that time of the night where WWE 2K14 Cover was about to be revealed.  Jerry Lawler, Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox were in the ring for the revelation.  Vickie interrupted Lawler and spoke about the video game and announced that the fans would have the power to choose the stipulation in the match scheduled between Orton and Bryan.  The choices of the stipulation were Street Fight, Lumberjack or Falls Count Anywhere.  

Vickie then revealed the cover of the game.  The cover featured Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.  Maddox showed a cover that he had designed which featured himself, CM Punk and John Cena.  Lawler interrupted and revealed the reveal the real cover with The Rock.

WWE Raw 24/06/2013 Results: Ryback Vs The Great Khali

The Great Khali who was accompanied by Natalya and Hornswoggle tried a Big Chop to the chest of Ryback after which Ryback hit Khali with his shoulder in the corner. Ryback eventually managed a shellshock on the 7 foot giant as he won the match comfortably towards the end.

Winner/Results: Ryback

John Cena was seen talking about the History of the WWE Title and spoke about Mark Henry's attack last week.  He said Henry made fun of all the retirements in the recent past such as Rick Flair and Shawn Michaels.  Cena further said that Henry will finally realize all that when he knocks his teeth down at the upcoming PPV.

WWE Raw 24/06/2013 Results: #1 Contenders Tag Team Match

Tensai and Brodus Clay Vs The Uso's Vs Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre was the No.1 contenders match for the tag team titles.  The match was quite a short one as The Uso's eventually managed to attain the victory to get the title shot at the Pay Per View.

Winner: The Uso's

Post match, The Shield made an appearance to once again show that they were the most dominant force ever in World Wrestling Entertainment as they Stared down The Uso's.

Paul Heyman's Explanation about Brock Lesnar's attack on Punk

Paul Heyman came out towards the ring and introduced himself.  He claimed that for about a week he had been asked about Brock Lesnar's attack on CM Punk.  He said that the best way to answer everyone was face to face.   He further confessed that he was aware that Punk was looking for him and wanted answers after which Punk came out to the ring.

CM Punk spoke about how much Heyman had supported him through his years in OVW, ECW and how he had protected him from being fired.  Punk asked Heyman to swear on his family and to tell the truth if he had asked Lesnar to attack him.  Heyman responded by saying that he swore on his children he had not and went on to say further that he would never represent anyone against Punk whom he treated as a best friend.  Heyman also said that the professional Jealousy between Punk and Lesnar had gone deep for a long time.  CM Punk seemed convinced and hugged Heyman and said Sorry that he doubted him.

WWE Raw 24/06/2013 Results:  Darren Young Vs CM Punk

Another short match of the night at Raw 24/06/2013 saw Punk starting with taking Young to the mat and applying a headlock.  Young managed to whip Punk hard to the corner as he went down.  Towards the end of the Match, Young reversed a GTS and dropped Punk with a GTS of his own.  Punk eventually had to lock in an Anacoda vice to attain a win.

Winner/Results: CM Punk

Post match at Raw 24/06/2013, Titus came in and went all out on Punk.  Young also joined him as they tormented the Straight Edge Superstar.  Curtis Axel then ran out to make the save as he along with Punk cleared the ring.  Heyman then came out to show Punk that he was the one behind sending Axel to make the save.

Backstage at Raw, Vickie was seen yelling on the phone when Stephanie McMahon walked in.  Vickie claimed that she had been busy after which Stephanie told her that she had not revealed  the WWE title Money in the bank ladder match participants.  Stephanie then said she was going to do it.

WWE Raw 24/06/2013 Results:  Stephanie's Revelation

Stephanie made her way towards the stage to reveal the participants for the upcoming PPV.  She announced CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Christian, Kane and Rob Van Dam for the match.

Ryback then walked in on Vickie and Maddox backstage.  Ryback demanded them to cancel the Heny-Cena match and give him a rematch instead.  Chris Jericho then walked in and said he wanted to be int he ladder match.  Ryback and Jericho then argued after which a match between them was set for the pay per view.

Backstage, Punk told heyman he does not need Curtis Axel's help to fight  anybody.  Heyman persuaded Vickie to  create a match between Punk and Axel Vs Young and Titus next week.  Punk wasn't happy with it.  He said he would do the match, take out Lesnar and win the WWE title once again as he walked off.

Mark Henry spoke about how he fooled everyone last week.  He said he had been nominated for an academy award and contacted by big names in Hollywood.  He claimed that none of that mattered to him as that was not was he was after.  He said he would not apologize and claimed that there will be no good Mark Henry at the upcoming PPV.

WWE Raw 24/06/2013 Results: Street Fight - Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan

Fans chose the match between Orton and Bryan to be a streetfight at Raw on 24/06/2013.  Bryan eventually won the match when he applied the No lock on Randy Orton as he used the Kendo Stick at the same time to gain advantage which eventually led to Orton Tapping out.

Winner/Results: Daniel Bryan

Quick Results

WWE Raw 24/06/2013 Results
Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan ended in a no contest
Sheamus and Christian Defeated Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow
Kaitlyn Defeated Aksana
Chris Jericho Defeated Alberto Del Rio
Ryback Defeated The Great Khali
The Uso's Defeated Tensai and Brodus Clay,Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre to become No.1 Contenders for Tag Team Championship
CM Punk Defeated Darren Young
Daniel Bryan Defeated Randy Orton

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