WWE Smackdown 14/06/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Smackdown 14/06/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

The WWE Friday Night Smackdown that is expected to air on 14/06/2013 was taped on Tuesday night from Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, Noth Carolina.  A lot was expected from the show as this was the final Friday Night episode before we move on to the upcoming WWE Pay Per View "Payback."  Read on for the complete WWE Smackdown 14/06/2013 Results along with the performance reviews and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers will be included below

WWE Smackdown 14/06/2013 Results

The end of the road for Team Hell No?

The Friday Night Smackdown episode on 14/06/2013 kicked off with Daniel Bryan cutting a promo after which Kane made his way to the ring.  Bryan Claimed that he was breaking up Team Hell No to become a Tag team champion alongside Randy Orton to which Kane responded by saying they won't win.  Bryan then asked Kane if the reason was because he was the weakest link.  This resulted in Kane choking Bryan after which Randy Orton came to the ring to stop him. 

Orton said that if Kane hurt Bryan, he would hurt his team for their Tag Team Championship match on Sunday and threatened to plant an RKO on kane if he did not retreat.  Bryan said he didn't need any help after which The Shield appeared on the titan tron and were shown laughing.

Damien Sandow's Sneak Attack

After the results of the Smackdown wrestling match between Sheamus and Antonio Cesaro went in favor of Sheamus, he suffered a nasty hit in the back of his head as he was thrown on the steel steps.

Looking at Sheamus in Disarray, Damien Sandow was not going to let the opportunity pass by as he further attacked the celtic warrior from behind on the entrance ramp.  Despite a win Sheamus still had an horrendous Friday night.

Jericho Sets the bar for his match against CM Punk

A backstage segment saw Chris Jericho talking about his match against CM Punk but was interrupted in between by Paul Heyman.  Jericho claimed his match against Punk will be a rare one and will exceed expectations. I have huge expectations from Punk-Jericho clash at Payback, I think it will definitely be one of the best WWE matches on Sunday Night.

 Kaitlyn attacks Referee

A match scheduled between Kaitlyn and Aksana at WWE Smackdown 14/06/2013 ended in a no contest as Kaitlyn slapped the Referee after which Aksana ran away.  Her anger was a result of how AJ Lee teamed up with Big E Langston to play with her emotions at Raw.  I really hope Kaitlyn remains WWE Divas champion post Payback.

Quick Results

WWE Smackdown 14/06/2013 results
Sheamus defeated Antonio Cesaro
Heath Slater defeated The Great Khali
Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston
Kaitlyn vs. Aksana ended in a no contest
Curis Axel defeaed Wade Barrett
Randy Orton, Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated The Shield

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