America's got Talent 02/07/2013 - Recap and Review

America's got Talent 02/07/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

America's got Talent or AGT that aired last night (02/07/2013) saw quite a few mesmerizing performances which took the show to a whole new level.  In yet another episode, the judges- Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern did an exceptional job in finding a few of the most talented people around.  Without waiting any further, lets now take a closer look at the America's got Talent 02/07/2013 Recap along with the performance reviews of each contestants and Analysis of the show.

Kelsey and Bailey

The first audition of America's got Talent (AGT) 02/07/2013 on Tuesday Night saw Kelsey who was the owner of the dog named Bailey do some dance routines.  Kelsey had owned the dog since she was 10 years old and the act they performed was very cute to look at.  Post performance, Howard Stern said that Kelsey's dance with her dog was incredible.  Heidi on the other hand said that you could actually tell that the dog loved doing the routines after which they gave Kelsey and her loved pet a ticket to Vegas.

David Ferman Recap

David Ferman was the next act of the America's got Talent, who was about do some juggling.  He held a bottle of alcohol on a balloon in his mouth on a stick.  Ferman's act was not very safe as he himself admitted that it could kill him.  Howard loved the mixture of Juggling and danger after which the judges granted him a trip to Vegas.

Chicago Boyz

The name of the group might sound lame to an extent but their act was certainly not.  A group of guys aged between 9 to 23 who came from the Southern side of Chicago did quite a few acrobatic moves which were superb to see and their audition on 02/07/2013 was one of the best of the night.  Mel B claimed the performance to be captivating from the start to end while Howie said that the Chicago Boyz brought it home before they moved them to the next round.

2Unique Recap

The next performers at America's got talent (AGT) were 2Unique who lived up to the name of their group.  Two ten Year Olds, A Deejay and a Rapper who met each other three months ago and became best friends were awesome.  They were  entertaining throughout their performance, Howie could hardly believe they were 10 while Heidi said they were beyond cool and she loved them both.  No guesses here, they got a seat on a flight to Vegas.

Sully Dunn

Sully Dunn was a singer/Songwriter who felt Awkward off-Stage but was pretty cool onstage.  His lyrics were quite unique as he sang about School and Knowledge being of no importance.  Mel B said he reminded her of the band Green Day and that there was something likeable about him.  Howard said he felt like he was at his daughter's dorm room.  Judges moved him to the next round.

Brandon James Recap

Brandon James claimed to be from a conservative family, He openly admitted of being gay but his mother did not support him.  His mother was a part of the audience to support him but had hopes of him being Straight.  His act involved singing Opera which was great to hear which resulted in him getting a seat on the Vegas Flight.

David Fenley

David Fenley was another Singer/Songwriter at America's got talent who claimed that music was the only thing he was good at.  His singing was awesome to hear and all the judges loved it with Mel B saying she liked his song a lot as it was entertaining while Howard said the audience loved him before moving him to the next round.

Dylan Wilson

Dylan Wilson's act involved dancing.  He had learnt dance through the internet and done quite a good job with it.  Howard was mesmerized with his performance as he thought it was very good, Heidi loved it as all the judges agreed that Wilson should go to Vegas.

Hunk O Mania's International Men of Steel

Hunk O Mania's act involved a few dance moves and the crew had a good physique which was loved by the judges as well as the crowd.  Unfortunately, they couldn't make it through as Howard and Howie said no despite Mel B and Heidi going ahead with their yeses.

Lil Mike and Funny Bone Recap

Lil Mike and Funny Bone's act on 02/07/2013 involved singing a song and entertaining the crowd.  The duo managed to entertain Mel B who claimed she loved as well as hated the performance but the dancing was spot on.  The Judges agreed to send them to Vegas.

American HiteMen

American Hiteman were a rock band who served as Marine Corps.  They were back from War and worked their day jobs to make the band happen.  They were very good with their performance and their chemistry was great to see as they got everyone to their feet with their brilliant rock performance.  Heidi claimed she loved the ppeerformance and their confidence whiel Mel B said that this was what the show needed.

Quick Recap of Whose going to Vegas from AGT 02/07/2013 

  1. Kelsey and Bailey
  2. David Ferman
  3. Chicago Boyz
  4. 2Unique
  5. Sully Dunn
  6. Brandon James
  7. David Fenley
  8. Dylan Wilson
  9. Lil Mike and Funny Bone
  10. American Hiteman
That's it for my America's got talent 02/07/2013 Recap, Hope you Enjoyed it.


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