America’s Got Talent 09/07/2013 - Recap and Review

America’s Got Talent 09/07/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

Season 8 Episode 6 of One of America's popular reality talent competition that aired on 09/07/2013 kicked off with only three judges with Howie scheduled to join in later on.  In yet another eventful week, the contestants gave it their all to showcase their talent and inch one step closer towards the crown.  Read on for the America's Got Talent 09/07/2013 Recap along with the performance reviews of the contestants and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers will be included below

Olivia (Singer) Recap

AGT's first audition of the night involved a fourteen year old singer 'Olivia' who looked to be very talented.  She could sing as well as play the guitar and looked to be a performer throughout.

The judges were obviously impressed with their singing as Mel claimed her song choice as very interesting but warned her against confusing the audience with her range.  She also said that Olivia was pretty unique and she loved the performance.

Heidi agreed with Mel while Howard confessed that she had an amazing voice through which she could rock the stage at the Radio City Music Hall.  She received three yeses to proceed to the next round.

Tummy Talk (Musical Group) Recap

The next audition of America's got Talent on 09/07/2013 was a musical group called Tummy talk.  They played drums on a fat guy using him as a drum.  At one point they even slapped him on the face, back and on the arms.

The crowd loved their performance but the judges looked a little confused.  Mel said she wasn't sure if she enjoyed seeing them slap him so hard.  Howie wondered if they could play the drums on someone without much girth as he volunteered Nick for the experiment.  Turned out they could actually use Nick as a drum too. All the judges gave the group a yes to move on to the next round.

Sensation (Video Mapping) Recap

Next up at one of America's favorite reality television show were the video mapping group named sensation which was entertaining at times.  Howard felt that the group had a really cool idea while Heidi said she wasn't impressed with the dancing.  

Mel disagreed with Heidi as she said she was impressed and thought it was a great unique idea.  Howie also loved the performance which resulted in three yeses for the group to move on to the next round.

Yasha and Daniela (Dancing) Recap

Next up for the audition were Yasha and Daniela who were dancers.  Their performance was one of the best of the night and it was evident that the duo were dancing together since they were three years old.  

The judges who were also impressed with the performance went ahead and gave them three yeses to proceed to the next round.

Jimmy (Singer) Recap

Another singer was the night was Jimmy who was about to sing a song.  His performance was superb with the judges loving it along with the audience and as a result he received three yeses to move on to the next round.

The next act at America's got Talent was a contestant named Abel.  He made instruments on his own and the first instrument he showcased was a guitar made from crutches which was followed up by a wind instrument made from a watering can and a Xylophone made of some kind of cups.  Unfortunately for him he failed to impress the judges as he didn't receive any yeses.

Captain Explosion (Blow himself up) Recap

Next audition on 09/07/2013 involved Captain Explosion looking to blow himself up.  The act involved the contestant getting into a little box covered in a tin foil after which the box blew up.  

There were mixed reactions from the judges as Howard didn't love it while Heidi admitted that she was scared during the act. Unfortunately he got three no's and was out of contention.

Chloe (Singer)

Another singer of the night was Chloe and she was excellent.  A lot of singing contestants did quite well on 09/07/2013.  Chloe sang the song American Girl by Carrie Underwood and her vocals were phenomenal.

The judges were impressed as she got through to the next round.

Megan (Belly Dancer)

Megan's act at America's got talent 09/07/2013 involved belly dancing contortionist.  Her performance looked painful as Howard said that  he felt it was a great performance but not a great belly dancing performance and claimed she was not ready for the competition to which Heidi agreed.  

Howie however thought she was ready but Mel thought otherwise.  She ended up getting more no's then yeses unfortunately.

212 Green (Band)

Next act on America's got Talent 09/07/2013 were 212 green who were a band.  They mixed rap along with their singing and gave a solid performance.

The audience and the judges enjoyed the performance and they ended up getting four yeses to move on.

Al's act involved comedy.  He failed miserably as the judges didn't look too impressed.  Despite getting 4 x's he didn't stop his performance.  Howard at one point tried to get him kicked out of the building but howie ended up begging for him to get to vegas and so did the audience however Mel, heidi and howard said otherwise.

Quick Recap of who got through at America's got talent 09/07/2013

  1. Olivia
  2. Tummy Talk
  3. Sensation
  4. Yasha and Daniela
  5. Jimmy
  6. Chloe
  7. 212 Green
That's it for my Season 6 Episode 8, America's got talent 09/07/2013 Recap.  Hope you enjoyed it.


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