America's got Talent 16/07/2013 - Recap and Review

America's got Talent 16/07/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

America's got Talent kicked off last night (16/07/2013) with its 8th episode of season 8 where the judges were given an opportunity to review a few acts and select them to move on to the live shows at the Radio City Music Hall.  To know how the acts turned out to be, Read on for the complete America's got talent 16/07/2013 Recap along with a review and analysis of the show as it happened.

Note: Spoilers included below.

The show kicked off with David Ferman showcasing his art of Juggling Stun guns on the unicyle.  While the sound of the audition didn't look too thrilling, David did it quite well.  Howard claimed that there was no showmanship in the performance.

Next up was a contestant named Brad who took a giant hook, put it in his nose and out of his mouth and attached a wagon to the end of it and pulled it.

Alexandr was a sword swallower.  While performing he climbed up to the top of the pole and slid down head first with the sword still in his mouth.  Insane act!

Sam's act involved playing with fire.  He was someone who had climbed a pole during the auditions.  During the act on 16/07/2013 he put lighter fluid on himself and on his hat after which he lit his hat on fire and rode a unicycle.

Red Panda's act involved juggling while riding a unicycle.  The unicycle she rode on was seven feet tall, a great act which was mesmerizing throughout.

Forte's act which followed next involved Opera singing.  The performance by the group was OK but i think the one they auditioned for was much better.

Brandon and Savannah's act was singing which was one of the best act of the night.  American Hitman who were a rock band were decent as well.

As far as the performances by kids are concerned, The acts by 2Unique (Rapping), Melody (Contortionist), Ruby (Ball Room Dancing),  Ruby and Jonas (Ballroom Dancing) were mixed bag with nothing seeming out of the ordinary.

The Comedy Acts of the night by Jimmy, Eric, Taylor and John were all OK with a few laughs but not many.

As far as the dance category of America's got talent goes, Apart from Archbishop Malloy Step team who i think were the best, others such as Hype, Art Spark, Kid The Miz and Dylan were all decent but again not out of the ordinary.

From the performances of Accro (Pole Dancer), Duo Resonance (Balancing), Timber (Climbing), KriStef brothers (Hand Balancing), Deanna (Singer), Skilre (Singer), Selena (Singer) the best of the night was Selena who was amazing with her singing.

The last acts of the night by Cami and Deanna were both superb as Cami did a great job with her singing while Deanna had something in her that made the judges give her a second chance.

That's it for my recap. Hope you Enjoyed it. The results of who got through will be announced tomorrow.

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