America's got Talent 23/07/2013 - Recap and Review

America's got Talent 23/07/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

The Season 8, Episode 10 of America's got Talent that aired on Tuesday Night (23/07/2013) was the first show that took place at the Radio City Hall.  Last night saw a few of the most amazing performances by contestants who were looking to reach one step closer to the crown.  Read on for the complete America's got Talent 23/07/2013 Recap along with the performance review of the contestants and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers below.

The first contestant at AGT on 23/07/2013 was the 11 Year old Anna Christine who was a singer.  Her performance was good but not that great.  The judges however thought otherwise as Mel B claimed she loved the performance despite the timing mistake, Howie said that he hoped that people took age into consideration before voting while Howard claimed Anna to be a rare talent despite her age.  Lastly Heidi said, Anna was full of courage and hoped America votes for her as she was one of the best talent find.

Tellavision who are a dance group which included a few videos and lights gave another decent performance with Howie saying that he was amazed with the performance while Howard didn't enjoy it much and claimed the group needed to step things up.  Heidi agreed with Howard while Mel B said she agreed with Howie that the performance was indeed good.

The Musical Group of American Hitmen were the next to perform at America's got Talent 23/07/2013.  They performed to a few songs that were pretty good.  Howard said he enjoyed the performance but it was not fantastic and also said he wouldn't want them to move forward in the competition.  Heidi said that their performance was better in comparision to the last one while Mel B said that she disagreed with Heidi and Howard and claimed the performance to be great.

Special Head who specialized with levitation was one of the best performances of the night on 23/07/2013.  This time he was floating and then all of a sudden he disappeared.  Heidi said that the performance will definitely stick in the heads of people but claimed she didn't love the performance.  Mel B said that the first few times she was surprised and shocked but this time she found the performance as funny.  Howie and Howard agreed that the performance was not that great.

Fresh Faces who were a dance troupe of the ages in between 9 and 10 were awesome and their moves were fantastic throughout.  Mel B said she loved the performance, Howie thought it was good but also claimed it to be an amazing dance recital.  Howard said their performance was sweet and cute but not enough while Heidi said that America's got talent is all about contestants such as these.

The Magician Collin Keys was amazing as well.  His trick today involved in him getting the Judges to spit out some random words which ended up in the locked box in the ceiling. How did he do it? Only he knows!  Howard and Howie said that they enjoyed the performance and claimed that Collins did quite well while Heidi said she had no idea how he did it and told him that he was good while Mel B said that he was not only amazing but a nice guy who was very likeable.

The Stand Up Comedian Kevin Downey Jr. was next up at America's got talent 23/07/2013.  His Jokes looked to be a little overdone as he wasn't very impressive.  Howard claimed that he was the real deal and asked America to vote for him.  Heidi didn't love the performance while Mel B said she was a bit confused about their performance.

Moving on with the America's Got Talent 23/07/2013 Recap, Aaralyn and Izzy who were a musical group of a little boy and a younger sister who play drum and screams bloody murder in microphone respectively.  Howard said that the kids were cute but claimed that this was America's got talent and it was about time they stop this nonsense.  Mel B agreed while Heidi said that it was a bit bizarre with Aaralyn scaring everyone a little bit.

Escape Artist Alexandria The Great did the same trick that she did during the audition with the only difference being she being locked in a small see through box.  She eventually made it out after which Mel B said she was glad that Alexandria was but didn't seem to love the performance.  Howie was thrilled to watch the performance live.  A hilarious comment by Howard suggested Heidi and Mel B to wear swimsuits at the show and as far as the performance was concerned he said that Houdini would be very proud of her as she did a great job.

KriStef Brothers who were into Hand Balancing were wearing Women's leotards and it was quite amazing to see how strong their balancing was.  Howie claimed it to be the best performance of the night to which Howard agreed.  Heidi claimed that the leotards were not their size but they both looked hot and Mel B said she loved the glitter.

The Next part of the episode on 23/07/2013 saw the dance group named Hyde giving a cool dance performance.  Heidi said they were not as good as their audition while Mel B said that they were talented dancers but their routine didn't get them anywhere.  Howard and Howie didn't love their performance either.

The last act of the night at AGT was Brendan James who was a singer.  He sang a song by Josh Groban which impressed everyone.  Mel B said it was like saving grace when he sang while Howie said in this contest he had won more than 1 million dollars as he had won his family's acceptance.  Howard claimed Brendan took command on the stage like a pro. That's it for my recap.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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