Falling Skies 07/07/2013 - Recap and Review

Falling Skies 07/07/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

The Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 6 named "Be Silent and Come out" that aired on 07/07/2013 kicked off from where last week's show left.  Before i get into the recap of what happened last night, lets have a quick recap of last week.  

On the episode that aired last week the main focus of the show revolved around Tom and Pope Trekking through the woods while Weaver and the rest of the Mason Clan sent a search party to find Anne and Alexis who were missing.  To find out what happened thereafter, Read on for the complete Falling Skies 07/07/2013 Recap along with a review of the show.

Note: Spoilers will be included below Recap.

Falling Skies 07/07/2013 Recap

tvThe Falling Skies 2013 Season 3 episode kicked off with Tom worried about Anne and Alexis who were held by the Eshveni and the local overlord, Karen.  He wanted to go out in search of them but was suggested otherwise and he was advised to let the rebel skitters get some intel on the situation.  Hal on the other hand wanted to leave right away, which meant that he was leading Tom into a trap.

Marina Peralta (Vice President) told Tom about her concerns surrounding the Volm device to which Tom responded by claiming it as a device which would help them end the war.  Marina then responded by saying that Dr. Cadar did not believe it was a weapon.  Their talks were interrupted when Hal came towards the vice president and knocked her to the ground.  He then took his father at gunpoint as he said "We are going to see Karen."

An action scene then followed on Falling Skies 2013 where Maggie tried to shoot the tires of the Car to prevent Hal from getting away with him.  Hal however managed to drag Tom away and protected both of them in the nearby room.  Hal then claimed he needed to know everything about the Volm device and also persuaded Tom by saying that he would bring back Anne and Alexis if Tom cooperated.  Tom refused.

Maggie told the Vice President and Weaver that Hal had been acting weird all week along.  She also said that Hal thought Karen had put some kind of mind control device on his head.  At this point everyone assumed Hal to be the mole and the killer.

Weaver tried to communicate with Hal after he surrendered his weapon onto the ground.  In between their conversation a glimpse of a better hal also came into existence but once again he went back to being mind controlled and started shooting.   Pope and the berserkers retaliated after which Hal asked for a gassed up Humvee so he could get away.

Peralta spoke to a sniper named Tector and asked him if he would be able to shoot Hal if he had to.  Weaver didn't want to do that but Peralta claimed that she would rather get Hal killed than sacrifice Tom.

Mattfro then joined in as he, Maggie and Ben tried to find a secret way into the building where Hal was hiding.  On the other side, The Pope was seen at his bar gambling on if Tom, Hal or both had a better chance to die.  He then offered a 150-1 odds on both surviving.

Tom and Hal then had an open heart conversation as Tom recalled the memories of his Wife (Hal's mother)  to try and get through to his son.  Hal however remained content with his mission just before Maggie, Mattfro and Ben arrived in the room.  They came in and asked Hal to fight against the Probe in his head.  At this point Hal lost his composure and was struggling to control himself.  He took out the gun and tried to shoot himself but Ben stopped him, The gun however went off.

Moving on with the recap, Hal was not dead yet but was not very dangerous at this point.  At Pope's bar, Pope was seen speaking about the odds on Hal being charged with the murder after which Weaver walked in.  The entire place then went silent as Weaver got a peg of whiskey.

At the infirmary in Falling Skies, Lourdes confirmed that Hal was going to be OK but had no idea of how they were planning to get the probe out of his brain.  The rebel Skitters confirmed that the probe could be removed only by the person who put it in.  They claimed to have a biological weapon to take it out but suggested that to be the last resort and also warned that Hal could be killed in the process.

On the other side during the Falling Skies 2013 episode, Tom was seen arguing regarding what to do.  The Vice President then approached him and said "My Grandmother told me that the minute we love, the world has something to use against us."  At this point it was revealed that Peralta was working for the Eshveni as the radar went ballistic.

Hal was then seen strapped into a gurney, Maggie visited him after which he said he wanted to be set free.  At this point Hal tried to behave normal but everyone knew he was just acting.  The crew then went ahead and began inserting the biological agent to hunt for the bug.

Hal then shook and went in convulsions after which some grey liquid came out of his mouth and he stopped moving.  Lourdes said. "His heart has stopped," after which she jabbed a giant needle into his heart.

Hal then came into the hospital but had no memory of last week.  Tom and Maggie explained to him that the bug was in the brain.  "I'm the mole," he said to which Tom responded by saying "Not anymore."

The rebel skitters then told Tom where Anne was being held and wanted to go after her.  Peralta then barged into his office after which he told her that he was resigning the presidency so he could go after Karen and his family. Tom then handed the information of the Volm weapon to Peralta and told her she was in charge.

ThFalling Skies 2013 episode, Tom, Hal, Ben and  Mattfro went out of Charleston on horseback to search for Anne and Alexis.  Peralta was then shown swearing in as president before the episode ended.

That's it for my Season 3 episode 6 recap of Falling Skies 2013.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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