Falling Skies 14/07/2013 - Recap and Review

Falling Skies 14/07/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

The Falling Skies Season 3, Episode 7 called as "The Pickett Line" that aired on 14/07/2013 featured Masons unexpected meeting with a thieving family on the road and the Pope's disagreement with Marina Peralta's presidency.  The episode also saw the revelation of the true mole.  To know more about what exactly happened at the show last night, take a look at the in depth Falling Skies 14/07/2013 Recap along with a review and analysis of the show below.

Note: Spoilers will be included below

The show kicked off with Mason arriving at the rendezvous point of the Rebel Skitters.  Ben asked if they should return to the charleston once they found Anne and Alexis.  All of a sudden, One of the rebel Skitters appeared wounded and warned the Masons about the incoming patrol.  At another place, Hal and Matt spoke about their past experiences camping before Ben and Tom returned and prepared to escape.

At Charleston, Pope claimed that the success he had achieved in his business meant very little without another community to trade with after which Soldiers arrived to move his complete establishment on Marina Peralta's orders.  Weaver supported Peralta's actions rather than a pope who was visibly angry before Cochise appeared on the edge of Charleston as he carried president hathaway before they both collapsed.  On the road, Masons found themselves against four masked guys with guns who took their horses and supplies.  Tom Vowed to get their things back from the thieves.

Moving on with the Falling Skies 14/07/2013 Recap, President Hathaway gained some sense and recognized Marina Peralta as an old Colleague before they spoke about her unease with Volm's weapon secrecy.  Weaver agreed to this as he said that there was far too much that was kept as a secret.  Cochise however reminded them that the mole was still likely to be on the lose as Hathaway insisted the completion of the volm weapon.

Ben's abilities were used to track down the robbers as Tom and Mason slowly made their way to the family farm overtaking and surprising the thieves in the process.  Hal however seemed to be struggling as he was unable to control the brother of the thieves leader after which Matt ended up shooting him in the back to help Hal out of the trouble he was facing.  

Back at Charleston, Pope and his gang let Weaver know about Marina's behavior as they pointed out about the recent rash of equipment sabotage.

The pickett family (Thieves) were then tied down by The Masons as the father (Dwayne)  claimed that they only stole to protect their family.  At the upper floor, Ben tried to treat Dwayne's brother gil.  At Charleston, Pope speaks to the citizens within his bar to go against Volm and Marina Peralta after which Weaver arrived and asked the crowd to leave and placed the pope under arrest for risking the safety of Charleston.

Moving on with the Falling Skies season 3, Episode 7 Recap, Tom found out from Dwayne that his entire family had been raised at home as an alien invasion never came close to their house.  The boys on the upper floor found out that the mother died during the invasion by mean who came to rob them.

As Gil's end came near, Tom let Dwayne to go to him upstairs, not aware that Gil was actually hiding a shotgun below the mattress.  The Pickett family quickly got their guns and Dwayne asked The Masons to get down to the basement.  Dwayne claimed he would have to kill the masons to protect his family after which their youngest daughter protests which allowed Tom to retrive his gun once again.

President Hathaway, Marina Peralta and Weaver were then shown the Volm Weapon by Cochise.   He claimed that the Espheni were planning to release a worldwide energy field which would result in only the aliens surviving.  He further explained that the weapon used an inordinate energy surge to destroy the grid and allow Volm reinforcements to arrive.  Chochise' explanation made Tom Agree that it was best to keep the plans a secret.

Weaver then met the pope in a cell and explained that him getting the civilians support him would not help.  The pope was eventually released after which he ran into maggie in the hallway and warned her about weaver's words.

Falling Skies 14/07/2013 then saw Lourdes changing the presidents IV and receiving a few comforting words about her role in regards to rebuilding the world's future.  After setting up a gurney with the room above,  Lourdes went downstairs to a room directly below, She shot a volm weapon directly into the ceiling which killed President Hathaway above.  A few moments later at the Chapel, Lourdes Prayed with Alien Bugs all over her face before she was alerted to the news by the nurse.

Moving on with the Falling Skies 14/07/2013 Recap, Anthony, Weaver and Marina agreed to keep quite and search for the real mole.  The pope drew Weaver's attention that Marina had the most to gain from Hathaway's death.  On the other side the masons left the Pickett house but observed Skitters and Mechs heading towards the family. Tom decided to go and warn the family after he asked the children to move forward.

Just as Tom arrived to the household, the family was no where to be found as Skitters and Mechs stepped out to corner him which finally revealed the Mole.  That's it for my Falling Skies 14/07/2013 Recap, Hope you enjoyed it.  

I will be back with the recap of the 8th episode of season 3 next week after it airs.

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