Falling Skies 30/06/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

Falling Skies 30/06/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

The Season 3 Episode 5 of Falling Skies called as "Search and Recovery" that aired on 30/06/2013 kicked off with the Pope Struggling while he tried to make his way back to Charleston.  Weaver on the other hand led a search Party as they tried to search Anne and Alexis who were missing.  

Looking at last week's episode, Tom met U.S. President Benjamin Hathaway to support Volm's contribution in the war while Anne found out the truth about her alien baby and Hal tried to fight off the Alien Probe.  Read on to know more about what happened this week in the Falling Skies 30/06/2013 Recap along with a review and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers will be included below.

Falling Skies 30/06/2013 Recap

This week's episode kicked off with Tom waking up on a plane in the midst of a wreckage, he found out that Bressler was dead as he pulled the pope to safety.  At charleston, Hal was watching Maggie sleep after which Ben Arrived to inform him of Anne's disappearance.  Dr. Kadar explained the events at a meeting but Marina reminded Weaver that Charleston only has limited resources to spare for a search party.  Weaver ignored Jeannie's advice that Marina had feelings for him.

Pope finally woke up after which he and Tom found shelter to try and hide from the beamers.  The following day, they set off on a journey back home.  While on their way back Tom realized that the Charleston mole must have put a tracing device on Pope's plane.  Weaver on the other hand found a dead woman on the road and decided to bury her.

On their way back home, The Pope and Tom built a fire as they spoke about each others past.  Charleston Marina visited Dr. Kadar's lab and asked him for his views about the mysterious device Volm was preparing.  Matt on the other hand was worried that his mother might have died alone like the woman they buried, he was comforted by Ben.

The next morning, Pope used a harmless snake as a part of his joke to wake up Tom.  Tom for some reason got very restless as the duo came to blows.  Their fight eventually broke up when they heard the sounds of nearby skitters and the creatures chased them to a river bank.  Tom pushed Pope in and followed him to escape the aliens in Pursuit.  While they reached a shore, Tom found out he had hurt his ankle real bad and had trouble walking.

Weaver's group found out proof of humans traveling with skitters and speculated that Anne had survived.  They then tried to use Ben's rebel skitters to exact some more information.  On the other side, Pope splinted Tom's leg but it didn't seem to help.  Tom asked Pope to leave him behind and save himself.  At Charleston, Kadar speculated from the Volm's device photos that it assembled a disproportionate amount of power for what Volm claimed its use was which puzzled Marina.

Tom dreamt about his children finding him in forest before he was awakened by the sound of the incoming Skitters.  Just as they were about to attack, Pope reappeared and killed the skitters as he had found a truck nearby to transport them home.  At Charleston, Matt hung a bracelet from the dead woman on the liberty tree and so did Ben for their mother as Hal watched them closely.

The guards outside Charleston found Tom and Pope making their way back.  Tom woke up a couple of days later and found pope by his bedside.  The duo forgot about their feud for the time being just before Weaver and Mason told Tom of Anne's disappearance. That's it for my recap.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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