Sonic: Lost World Release date revealed

Sonic: Lost World Release date and a few other details

Sonic: Lost WorldNintendo and Sega have confirmed that the upcoming Action-Adventure, 3D-Platforming Video game will be released on October 22nd 2013 for the WII U and Nintendo 3DS.  Apart from the Sonic: Lost world Release date, Takashi Izuka (Team Head) has also revealed in an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine UK that the upcoming game will have quite a few similarities to Super Mario and Galaxy Series. 

The objective of the game will involve the main character pursuing the antagonist Doctor Eggman as he travel across to a place known as Hex.
As far as the gameplay is concerned, the levels within the game will range from side scrolling 2D to fast moving 3D.

The best part about the upcoming platformer is that the 3DS version will not just be a port of the WII Version, the level design will be entirely different.  With the release date being three months away, gamers can expect the revelation of a few more details regarding the game in the near future.

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