WWE Raw 01/07/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 01/07/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night Raw Episode that aired on 01/07/2013 kicked off with Vickie Guerrero backstage, she announced the main event of the night to be a match between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio.  Michael Cole, Jerry 'The King' Lawler and JBL were all at ringside doing commentary as Daniel Bryan made his way to the ring. 

Bryan spoke about Randy Orton and how everyone was wondering if he could take the momentum of his victory over Randy Orton to the Money in the bank PPV to win the ladder match.  He claimed that he wanted to be one of the best as he spoke about Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock and Bruno Sammartino.  He further said that it had been a long time since he had won at the Money in the bank PPV and was looking forward to winning back the WWE title.

Sheamus then came towards the stage and made his way towards the ring.  He spoke about how he defeated Bryan at Wrestlemania and claimed that he was not going to let anyone come in his way.  After a little more of the trash talk, Randy Orton came out with a Mic.

Orton Spoke about how long it had been since he was the champion and said he was starving for it as he claimed he needed the WWE title.  Orton said he would cash in the Money in the Bank contract on the first unexpected champion he saw and threatened to take down Bryan.  He further said nobody was safe during the ladder match after which Kane made his way out towards the ring.  

Kane agreed that no one was safe during the Ladder match especially Randy Orton.  Kane said no one was more ruthless than him especially as far as the WWE title was concerned after which Christian made his way out.

Christian spoke about how he was more successful than anyone else in the previous editions of the PPV's involving ladder matches.  he said he had more success and experience than anyone else and said he was the best guy in the match after which CM Punk came out towards the ring.

Punk confessed that he respected Christian and his accomplishments but claimed himself to be the best in the world and in ladder matches.  Punk reminded everyone in the arena that he had already won the PPV twice and said soon enough he will the only person to win it three times.  He further claimed that no one could even come closer to touching him.

Punk then spoke about RVD, he said he knew that Rob Van Dam was fearless and did not care about his personal safety.  He gave props to Orton and Sheamus which pissed off Daniel Bryan who threatened to make Punk Tap out if he said one more word.  The segment at WWE Raw ended with Orton hitting an RKO on Kane while Kane argued with Bryan.

Moving on at WWE Raw 01/07/2013, There was a match between Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns against Christian and The Uso's next which saw the results go in favor of The Shield via Pinfall.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan walked up to Kane and apologized about the happenings earlier on.  Bryan then made his way to Vickie Guerrero and got Kane something to make him feel better.  Kane said Bryan had done enough and asked him to stay out of his business.  Bryan then revealed that Kane had a rematch against Orton later on which made Kane Happy.  Bryan then walked away after he said he would be the special guest referee of the match which ended up making Kane even more upset.

WWE Raw 01/07/2013 Results also saw Dolph ziggler winning his match against Jinder Mahal comfortably after he planted a Zig Zag on him out of no where.

Post Match, Ziggler fought off 3MB as he clotheslined Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater on the floor and his a Zig Zag on MicIntyre and posed on the top of the announcers table.

Backstage at WWE Raw, Vickie Guerrero was with Brad Maddox.  Vickie was about to speak a few lines against The McMahons when Triple H walked in.  HHH said that he thought Vickie was doing a great job with the show on 01/07/2013 as she was giving the fans what they wanted.  Vickie claimed to be stressed as she was being said by the other family members what she had to do.  HHH then told her to listen to what they said but don't do any of it and do what he said.  He walked off after which Vickie looked confused.

Next match results of WWE Raw 01/07/2013 went in favor of Kane as he defeated Randy Orton with a little bit of a help from the special guest Referee Daniel Bryan who made a quick count to ensure Kane emerged the winner.

Post match, there was an argument between Kane and Daniel Bryan, Kane didn't look too happy that Bryan cheated to help him win the match.  Bryan responded by saying that if it wasn't for him he would have never defeated Orton.  Kane then held Bryan by his throat but let him go as he exited the ring.  Orton however after the match laid an RKO on Bryan.

Paul Heyman was present backstage with CM Punk and Curtis Axel.  Punk claimed to trust Heyman but not Axel.  Heyman asked Punk to trust his best judgement.

Next match at WWE Raw on 01/07/2013 featured Fandango going one on one against Sheamus.  The results of the match went in favor of Sheamus as Fandango made his way back in the midst of the match and ended up losing via count out.

The Ryback Vs Miz match at WWE Raw that aired on 01/07/2013  ended up showing a pretty unexpected results, While many would have thought this would have been a walkthrough for Ryback, The Miz eventually managed to win the match via Submission, courtesy of a figure four leg lock.

After the match was over and results announced, Chris Jericho came out to the ring and planted a coderbreaker on Ryback.

The next segment at WWE Raw saw Mark Henry making his way out to the stage,  He claimed that he had earned the Nickname "World's Strongest Man."  he spoke about earning the respect of every superstar he has ever worked with.  He further claimed that being nice and doing everything for the business ended up getting him nowhere and that he deserved to be the WWE champion.  He said after all the years he had dedicated to WWE and the fans he had earned a right to a WWE champion once again.  

He said that the fans were just a bunch of puppets and at Money in the Bank no one was going to keep him down anymore.  He claimed he was going to do the right thing for himself, after he beat John Cena, No one in hte world would be able to Deny him.

Vickie and Brad were Backstage when Vince McMahon walked in.  He asked Vickie what Vince had told her about Bryan last week.  He claimed that Brad and Vickie weren't paying attention to what he was telling them but commended them for the main event of the night.  Mr. McMahon however said that they were throwing money away because the match should have been on Pay Per View.  He further claimed that no other family members understood business and threatened the Jobs of Vickie and Brad before he asked them to enjoy the night.

The next match of the night at WWE Raw was CM Punk and Curtis Axel against Darren Young and Titus O' Neil.  The match eventually went in favor of CM Punk and Curtis Axel when Axel tagged himself in and stole the pin on Young to win the match.

Post match, Heyman tried to raise their hands but Punk was not interested as they both ended up arguing before Punk walked off.

The Divas were also in action on 01/07/2013 when Alicia Fox faced against Kaitlyn.  The match ended up with the results in Kaitlyn's favor as she hit a spear on Fox out of nowhere to win via pin.

As Expected, after the match results announcement,  AJ Lee and Big E Langston came towards the stage and thrash talked about Kaitlyn.  AJ Claimed everyone knew what Kaitlyn was and brought up a few modeling photos of Kaitlyn before WWE.  A photoshopped picture of Kaitlyn was shown to make her look 400 pounds before AJ Claimed Kaitlyn would lose at the upcoming Pay Per View.

Another Backstage Segment at WWE Raw 01/07/2013 involving Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox saw them alongside Stephanie McMahon this time.  Stephanie didn't look too happy as she asked Vickie to fix the situation with AJ a couple of weeks back.  Stephanie spoke a little more which left Vickie even more frustrated with the McMahons.  Stephanie then claimed that Vickie would have a public job evaluation next week at Raw in the middle of the ring.  Stephanie claimed vickie would either become a general manager of lose her job which left Vickie Puzzled.

Next match at WWE Raw 01/07/2013 was between Cody Rhodes and Antonio Cesaro, the results of the match went in favor of Cesaro as Rhodes was distracted by Sandow to allow Antonio to attain a win.

Another Backstage segment at WWE Raw saw the Bella Twins with Jo Jo and Eva Maria who were the new girls from Total Divas.  The bellas took credit for them.  The new girls claimed that they were all the stars of the show to which Cameron, Naomi and Natalya put two cents in.  The Bellas further claimed that they were carrying the weight of the show and ripped AJ and Kaitlyn as the Divas argued a bit more

The final Match at WWE Raw 01/07/2013 was between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio.  John Cena eventually managed to plant an AA on Del Rio to turn the results in his favor via Pinfall.

Post Match Results announcement, Mark Henry grabbed the WWE title from ringside walked into the ring and threw the title in the ring for Cena to pick up and scared Cena as though he was going to attack him.  Raw went off air with Cena-Henry having a stare down as the announcers confirmed the debut of The Wyatt Family next week.

WWE Raw 01/07/2013 Results

WWE Raw 01/07/2013 Results
Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns Defeated Christian and The Usos
Dolph Ziggler Defeated Jinder Mahal
Kane Defeated Randy Orton
Sheamus Defeated Fandango
The Miz Defeated Ryback
CM Punk and Curtis Axel Defeated Darren Young and Titus O’Neil
Kaitlyn Defeated Alicia Fox
Antonio Cesaro Defeated Cody Rhodes
John Cena Defeated Alberto Del Rio

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