WWE Raw 08/07/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 08/07/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

The WWE Raw that aired on 08/07/2013 kicked off with a Portrait of the Wyatt Family (Erick Rowan, Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt) who were set to debut at some point during the night.  While the hype surrounding them over the past few weeks was immense, the main focus of the show revolved around Vickie Guerrero's job evaluation.  Will she make it through the night as the Head of Raw or will she give way?   Read on to know more about it and the complete WWE Raw 08/07/2013 Results along with a review and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers will be included below

The episode officially started when Vickie Guerrero was seen waiting in the ring for Brad Maddox.  To push the hype of MITB a little more, there was a ladder behind them.  Vickie started off by speaking about what the ladder represented in World Wrestling Entertainment and spoke about the legends such as Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon and Triple H.  She further claimed that the ladder actually represented her career with the WWE and if she fell she would blame all the fans.  Vickie in a pretty bad move climbed the ladder and spoke about how she had done her job well in such a tough environment.  

Just as she bragged a little more about herself, Jerry Lawler interrupted her and said that he had received a word from Mr. McMahon that they will be considering any and all factors for her job evaluation on Monday Night which would also include the opinions of the fans.  It was then revealed that the fans would be able to use the WWE App during the Raw Shaw on 08/07/2013 to vote for Vickie's job.  Once she knew about this, Vickie dramatically changed and praised the fans calling them her family.  She then announced that the John Cena Vs Mark Henry, Christian Vs Kane, Randy Orton Vs CM Punk and Sheamus Vs Daniel Bryan matches would take place at Monday Night (08/07/2013.)

The first match of the night on 08/07/2013 was set to take place between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan, The results of the match went in favor of Daniel Bryan as he reversed the cloverleaf submission from Sheamus into a roll up for a win.

Post match results announcement, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan laid their eyes on the briefcase after which they shook hands before Sheamus left and Bryan celebrated.

A recap of what happened on Friday Night Smackdown involving AJ Lee and Kaitlyn was then shown.  Big E Langston was then backstage with AJ as Dolph Ziggler walked in and asked Langston to give them some privacy time.  Ziggler then spoke about AJ not being with him ringside at Raw or Smackdown last week.  AJ didn't seem to be too concerned by it.

WWE Raw 08/07/2013 results also saw The Shield proving their dominance yet again after winning their match against Brodus Clay and Tensai.   The shield were the winners of the match after Rollins took out Clay and Reigns speared tensai for a three count.

The next segment involved a WWE.com reporter looking for The Wyatt Family and then stumbling into a big white house with a lot of junk in the yark.  Erick Rowan was then seen in the backyard chopping wood in a sheep mask after which Luke Harper grabbed the camera man and asked him to follow.

At the ring on 08/07/2013, John Cena called out Mark Henry who granted his wish.  Henry said that Cena had the same look of fear he had last week to which Cena responded by claiming that he was not afraid and said Henry might be speaking about a Snickers bar.  Henry then said that he was a new man and called Cena a puppet like the fans.  The Worlds strongest man then claimed that the WWE title will validate his career and that he will be the first ballot Hall of Famer if he can beat the Champ.

Henry went on to say that he had sold his family.  Cena said Henry better win on Sunday if that was the case as he would lose the respect he had earned for the last 17 years as he had lied to everyone.  Henry pointed out that some fans love Cena and some didn't but he didn't care about what Cena or his fans think.  He then threatened Cena of interrupting him which led to a faceoff between the two as Cena took off his shirt while Henry said he didn't want to fight for free as he had already had a 50%  pay cut before and didn't want to lose any money, but soon after Henry Clotheslined Cena while Cena tried to AA Mark Henry but collapsed because of his wait after which the Henry planted a world's strongest slam on Cena.

The Next match at WWE Raw 08/07/2013 was between Chris Jericho and Curtis Axel, The results of the match went in favor of Chris Jericho who planted a codebreaker for a win.

Post results, A Backstage on 08/07/2013 saw Josh Matthews with Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes.  He spoke about the upcoming Pay Per View and their friendship.  Just as Sandow was speaking for Cody, Zeb Colter interrupted with Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger after which Wade Barrett also claimed that he would be the winner on Sunday.  Fandango also tried to make his claims but was given a big forearm to the head by Barrett just as he said his name.

Another scene from the Wyatt family house was then shown where Luke headed into a room and told them not to stray.  Luke then hed the reported to a room where Bray Wyatt was.

The results of the next match between Sin Cara and Alberto at WWE Raw 08/07/2013 ended in a no contest as Dolph Ziggler interrupted in the midst of the match as he walked up to the ring and said he felt bad about what he did to Ricardo Rodriguez.  Ziggler then teased Ricardo and introduced Del Rio in his own style before Rio went out of the ring and brawled with Ziggler.  Sin Cara then leaped off the top rope to take out Del Rio before Ziggler ran towards the back.

Next up was the Job Evaluation of Vickie Guerrero who was in the ring along with Brad Maddox.  The Apron was black along with a table and three empty chairs.  Vickie then sat on the stool with Maddox besides her.  Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon then made their way towards the ring.

Stephanie kicked off her evaluation by thanking the fans for voting through the WWE App and allowed Vickie to speak for herself.  Vickie then spoke about how she loved the McMahon family and the fans and claimed that she had inspired the Undertaker to return for Wrestlemania.  Stephanie pointed out that Vickie was the reason behind Brock Lesnar making a comeback which had brought havoc to them to which Vickie responded by apologizing for Brock's actions.  Vince however claimed it to be a stroke of genius and that she was entertaining.  

Triple H however claimed otherwise as he said Vickie was unintentionally entertaining but was horrible at her job.  He further said that she boteched the WWE 2K14 poster reveal at Raw and that she was bad for business.  He went on to say that the fans deserved better than this.

Vince then said that he thought Vickie should be the permanent Raw general manager to which Triple H disagreed and instead called her a puppet who strokes Vince's ego each week.  Triple H then said that it would be a better idea to let Stephanie decide on Vickie's future as she was the one who initiated the meeting.  Triple H showed confidence that Stephanie would make the right decision as she was the mother of their children while Vince said he had no problems with daddy's little girl making the decision.  Stephanie on the other hand claimed she would let the results of the votes decide on Vickie's fate.  The results of the votes were then shown 75% not in favor of Vickie which resulted in her throwing a fit and pleading the McMahons to reverse the decision.  In a shocking turn of events, Vince McMahon then named Brad Maddox the new WWE Raw General Manager which made Vickie even more angry.

Vickie was then seen Crying to Vince as she claimed she loved her Job.  Vince said he would make things right for her somehow as Maddox apologized to Vickie for what had happened.  He then thanked Vince and promised him he wont let him down and said he would pick up where Vickie left off.  Out of the Blue, Vickie started hitting Maddox after which Vince took away his GM Jacket from Vickie and walked off.

The next match of WWE Raw 08/07/2013 was scheduled to take place between Christian and Kane, The results went in the direction of Kane who reversed a spear and turned it into a chokeslam for a win.

After the match results, Bray Wyatt made an appearance on the titan tron rocking on a chair with a lantern.  He said that it was time for people to wake up and see the lie they have been living in and went on to say that this was not the beginning but the end before the lantern went off and he ignited a match to light it again.  Eric Rowan and Luke Harper were then seen in the shadows, Bryan claimed that they were present in the arena after which the lights at WWE Raw Arena went out and the Wyatt family came marching in with a lantern in their hand.  Kane was then beaten up as Bray watched from the ramp rocking on his chair.

The next match of the night at WWE Raw on 08/07/2013 took place between AJ Lee And Alicia Fox against Kaitlyn and Layla.  The results of the match ended in a no contest.

Backstage on 08/07/2013, CM Punk was present with Josh Matthews as he spoke about Randy Orton and the upcoming Pay Per View.  Punk claimed that he would grab the briefcase for the third time and said he was the best in the world.

The last match at WWE Raw on 08/07/2013 saw the results go in favor of CM Punk who won the match after he blocked an RKO and reversed it into a kick to the face and planted a GTS for victory.

Just as Punk was celebrating his victory, Bryan attacked him and threw him over the ropes into the ring post.  Bryan went under the ring and got the ladder up in the center of the ring and climbed up to the briefcase.  He then celebrated after unlocking the briefcase as Raw 08/07/2013 went off air.

Results of WWE Raw 08/07/2013

WWE Raw 08/07/2013 Results
Daniel Bryan Defeated Sheamus
Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns Defeated Tensai and Brodus Clay
Chris Jericho Defeated Curtis Axel
Sin Cara Vs Alberto Del Rio ended in a no contest
Kane Defeated Christian
AJ Lee and Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn and Layla ended in a no contest
CM Punk defeated Randy Orton

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