WWE Raw 15/07/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 15/07/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night Raw that aired on 15/07/2013 was the first episode after the Money in the Bank Pay Per view that saw Randy Orton and Damien Sandow claiming the briefcase by winning their respective ladder matches, this now gives them both a shot at the WWE championship at a time of their choice.  This week, the WWE Raw was about on enlighten on how we move forward from the fall out at MITB on Sunday Night.  Lets now take a look at how things shaped up last night in the complete WWE Raw 15/07/2013 Results along with the performance review of the matches and the analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers will be included below.

This week's WWE Raw on 15/07/2013 kicked off from the Barclays center in Brooklyn, New York.  The first segment of the professional television program saw the new Raw General Manager Brad Maddox coming towards the ring after which he introduced himself.  He said that Monday Night will be the beginning of the Maddox Era and also let the fans know that his first official decision was to make a match between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio.  He further claimed that Vickie Guerrero was great but he was looking to be the greatest general manager of all time.  John Cena then came out to the ring.

Cena claimed that this was the only time during the Maddox era where the person near him was more hated.  He further said that Maddox should be given a chance as a general manager to which Maddox responded by saying he was glad that Cena came out and claimed that he had admired Cena since he was a teenager.  Maddox further said he was going to allow Cena pick his opponent for SummerSlam and also said he would bring the roster out for Cena to select his opponent.  Out came, Randy Orton with his money in the bank Briefcase.

Orton said that there was a chance that Cena wont even be the champion at SummerSlam.  He further said that he was not going to cash in the briefcase on Monday Night as he did not want to repeat Cena's mistake.  He then threatened Cena by telling him that he believed in taking advantages of the opportunites and he will cash in the Briefcase when Cena will least expect it.  Out came Fandango with Summer Rae.

Fandango asked Orton to shut up and said that WWE universe only wanted to see Cena face one person who was Fandango himself.  He then taught Cena to say his name and just as he finished saying it, Orton layed him out.  Orton-Fandango's fight ended up in a brawl after with Brad Maddox stopped them and called out a referee to start a match between the two.

The match between Orton and Fandango at WWE's Monday Night Raw on 15/07/2013 ended up with the results going in favor of the Viper courtesy of an RKO which was followed by a pinfall.

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler was seen walking when AJ came up to him and apologized for her actions on Sunday Night.  Ziggler asked her to stop apologizing and claimed that it was time for them to move on after which AJ hugged Ziggler, He then said AJ didn't understand what he meant and said it was time for him to move on from her, This left AJ shocked.

Mark Henry was seen making an entrance towards the ring in a suit, He claimed that Cena came in as advertised and called him one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time.  He further claimed that he didn't expect Cena to win.  Henry then said that he gave it his all and took Cena to his limits and came close to winning the title.  After a bit more of talking, Henry said Cena had a chance of picking up an opponent at SummerSlam and he wanted to be that guy.  The shield's music then hit and out they came and surrounded the ring.

Henry didn't look too intimidated and stayed where he was in the ring.  He was ready to fight but was overpowered by them as they ended up hitting a triple powerbomb.

Backstage on 15/07/2013, Maddox was on the phone with his mom.  It was revealed that he still lived with his mom after which Chris Jericho came in and Joked about Maddox.  Maddox Claimed Jericho should be looking to impress Cena tonight so he could get a title shot after which a match between Jericho and Rob Van Dam was hinted.  Jericho then said Maddox he had a good future if he kept making such decisions and said good job before he walked off.

WWE Raw 15/07/2013 results of the match between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio went in favor Del Rio after he laid a big kick on Ziggler for a win.

Post Match, AJ made her way to the ring and smacked Ziggler and started yelling at him when he tried to hold her back.  Ziggler then turned around only to be run over by Big E Langston after which Big E hit a Book end to take ziggler out.  After the massacre AJ and Big E left the ring together.

In the ring just as R Truth grabbed the Mic the light flickered and Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen.  Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper then made their way to the ring with the lantern lit.  The lights then came on with Rowan and Harper already in the ring as they beat truth down as Wyatt watched from a rocking chair.  Wyatt then entered the ring and said that there was no such thing as hero and everything was not alright.  R Truth tried to fight back but was over powered and distracted.  The family then claimed that truth was not the truth they seeked.

The next match scheduled at WWE Raw 15/07/2013 was between Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro against The Usos.  The results went in favor of the Uso's as they roll up for a win after Cesaro hit a neutralizer.

The next WWE match between Damien Sandow and Christian on 15/07/2013  saw Captain Charisma emerge the winner as he rolled up Sandow to turn the results on his side after her countered the Elbow of Disdain.

After the match Sandow took the Mic and spoke about his briefcase.  Cody Rhodes then attacked him and they started brawling.  Sandow eventually ran through the fans with his briefcase.

The Results of the match between Brie Bella and Naomi at WWE Raw on 15/07/2013 went in favor of Naomi courtesy of a big crossbody.

Post the results, The following segment of WWE Raw 15/07/2013 saw Paul Heyman and CM Punk Trash Talking.  It all started off after Punk claimed he knews Heyman and Lesnar were in the arena tonight and askd them to come out.  Heyman then came out to the stage and spoke about how he saved Punk's career since the start and then spoke about what they had done in the past year.  Heyman claimed that Punk was the best in the world with heyman and without him Punk was nothing.

Heyman went on as he said how Punk failed him after he was defeated by The undertaker and claimed that he didn't have any wife or kids and had only fans to cheer.  After a bit more of the trash talk, Punk who was angry responded by saying that he shouldn't have trusted heyman and promised that he would hurt all those close to Heyman until he was the last man standing.  Brock Lesnar then came out.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman then proceeded towards the ring.  Heyman entered the ring and attacked Punk from behind after which Punk tumbled into Lesnar and they started brawling.  Eventually Lesnar dropped an F5 on Punk after which trainers came out to the ring to check on Punk's condition.

Backstage, John Cena was seen walking when The Great Khali approached him and told him something that was tough to understand.

Brad Maddox walked up to Stephanie McMahon and spoke about how he thought his first night was going.  Triple H then walked in and said Maddox was doing a good job so far and asked if Maddox had spoken to Mr. McMahon regarding the decisions yet and teased Cena picking up Daniel Bryan for his match.  Triple H then wished him good luck as he walked off.

The results of the match between Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho went in favor of Rob Van Dam when he hit a kick to the face and planted a five star frog splash for a win.

Post match Results, The roster was present at the stage after which Cena made his way to the ring to choose his opponent for the next PPV.  Cena said he hadn't made a decision yet and requested for assistance from the WWE Universe.  He spoke about a few names but the fans only seemed to be happy with Daniel Bryan.  Cena then confirmed that he would be facing Bryan after which a yes chant broke out and Raw went off air.

Results of WWE Raw 15/07/2013

WWE Raw 15/07/2013 Results
Randy Orton Defeated Fandango
Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler
The Usos defeated The Real Americans (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro)
Christian defeated Damien Sandow
Naomi defeated Brie Bella
Rob Van Dam defeated Chris Jericho.

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