America's got Talent 06/08/2013 - Recap and Review

America's got Talent 06/08/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

The Season 8, Episode 14 of America's got Talent or AGT that aired on 06/08/2013 was a performance show that featured the contestants competing once again to get one step closer to the $1 Million Prize and to get a chance to head to Las Vegas.  To know about how the competition turned out or how the acts were performed, Read on for the complete America's got Talent 06/08/2013 Recap along with the performance review of the contestants and the analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers included below.

The first act of last night at AGT was performed by a Aerosphere who specialized in showing  tricks involving Aerial Balloon.  The act involved a giant hot air balloon with a guy hanging from it strapped in.  He then picked up his partner via a tether which he was holding his mouth and she had around her neck and eventually spun and put her down.  The act was excellent to watch.

Mel B loved the performance while Howie was looking for something more.  Howard thought that their show was an excellent use of Radio City Music Hall and confessed there was no other act like this in the competition but was not sure how the audience at home might have felt about it.  Heidi felt the same and said the act was beautiful but she was waiting for something extra from them.

The next act at America's favorite talent competition show on 06/08/2013 involved a group named Chicago Boyz who had a very unique ability to tumble with Jump Ropes.  A decent act with a few nice blindfold flips and jumps was given an good reception by the judges and the audiences.

Howie claimed that the act was amazing and so did Howard, Mel B on the other hand said she loved them and their energy.

Kelsey and Bailey known well for the Dog Tricks  showcased one of the cutest acts of the night.  Heidi claimed that the act was cute but was not sure if the dog could do the trick for an entire hour.  Mel agreed and claimed that the god was doing a lot of same tricks.  Howie agreed with Mel and said the act was boring and terrible and Howard agreed with him.

The next act iat America's got Talent nvolved Brandon and Savannah singing.  One of the best acts of the night and the best part of it all is the girl was just 14 year old.

The results saw Mel B saying that she enjoyed the performance and claiming it to be spot on while Howie said the act didn't finch and was not delivered perfectly.  Howard guaranteed that they will get signed while Heidi lastly said she enjoyed the performance.

Illusionists Leon and Romy were the next acts of the night at America's got Talent.  Before performing their routine on 06/08/2013, they showed a behind the scenes snippet of how they actually performed the act.

Howard hated the act and thought the duo blew away a big opportunity while Howie loved the act claiming it to be an old trick done in a new way.  Howard interrupted once again and claimed the act was Douchey.  Heidi was entertained and liked the act but Mel B remained unimpressed.

A singer named Deanna was the next act of AGT last night.  A decent performance which left Howard enjoying as Mel B and Heidi both agreed.  Howard on the other hand was impressed as well.

The Snake Charmer named David Weathers' act at America's got Talent 06/08/2013 involved getting closer to one of the most deadliest snakes in the world.  Heidi didn't like it while Mel B was creeped out to an extent where she stopped watching mid performance.  Howie claimed that David brought danger but was not sure about how to make it a good show because of how scared everyone was.  Howard lastly claimed the actual problem with the act was that the snake was the performer and not David.

Opera singer named Jonathan Allan was one of the best performers America's had produced this year in their superhit talent show.  Once of the best musical performance of the night ended with Mel B claiming it to be a great performance while Howie said it was a shame that only four people could move forward.  Howard said he liked that Jonathan sang something less operatic and more showtune-y.  Lastly, Heidi begged audiences for more votes for Jonathan.

The next act of Tuesday Night's America's got talent that aired on 06/08/2013 involved some sort of dancing by Kenichi.  Another impressive performance ended with Howard giving her a standing ovation while Heidi enjoyed it and Mel Proclaimed it to be off the hook.  Howie begged for more votes through the audience.

An Impressionist named Jim did some cool mimicry of Robin Williams on 06/08/2013 which entertained the crowd as well as the judges.  Mel B said she liked the performance while Heidi enjoyed it.  Howie was impressed that Jim was able to adjust quickly while the performance left howard with mixed feelings.

The last act of then night involved American Military Spouses Choir singing Hero by Mariah Carey.  Heidi loved the performance.  Mel was in tears through it.  Howie said he loved it while Howard claimed it to be great. That's it for my Recap.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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