Australia Vs England 02/08/2013 - Scorecard and Review

Australia Vs England 02/08/2013 - Scorecard, Review and Statistical Highlights

CricketThe day 2 of the 3rd Ashes Cricket test match between Australia and England on 02/08/2013 started with the Aussies at the score of 303/3 in their first innings.  In yet another day which belonged to the Australians, Michael Clarke carried on well to eventually reach a score of 187 before being bowled by Stuart Broad while Steven Smith made a superb 89 before falling to Swann caught by Bairstow.  The other notable highlights of their innings were Brad Haddin and Mitchell Strac who really went after the English bowling as they scored 65 and 66 runs before the Australia Vs England 02/08/2013 scorecard showed the Aussies at a score of 527/7.  

While the Aussies came into bowl, they managed to pick up two wickets with Peter Siddle being the pick of their bowlers picking up both the wickets as they were on top with the day ending with England at a score of 52/2.  Their fielding was also exceptional throughout.  Take a look at the entire scorecard  (Recap) which includes the batting and bowling performance review below.

Australia 1st innings R B 4s 6s SR
SR Watson c Cook b Bresnan 19492038.77
CJL Rogers lbw b Swann 8411414073.68
UT Khawaja c †Prior b Swann 119005.26
MJ Clarke* b Broad 18731423059.55
SPD Smith c Bairstow b Swann 891968045.4
DA Warner c Trott b Swann 5101050
BJ Haddin† not out 65996065.65
PM Siddle b Swann 160016.66
MA Starc not out 66719092.95
Extras (lb 6, w 2, nb 2) 10
Total (7 wickets dec; 146 overs; 649 mins) 527(3.60 runs per over)
Did not bat RJ Harris, NM Lyon
Fall of wickets 1-76 (Watson, 16.5 ov), 2-82 (Khawaja, 22.6 ov), 3-129 (Rogers, 36.6 ov), 4-343 (Smith, 104.6 ov), 5-365 (Warner, 108.4 ov), 6-427 (Clarke, 125.2 ov), 7-430 (Siddle, 126.3 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ Extras
JM Anderson 33611603.51(1nb)
SCJ Broad 33610813.27
TT Bresnan 32611413.56(1nb, 2w)
GP Swann 43215953.69
JE Root 401804.5
IJL Trott 10606
England 1st innings DismissalR B 4s 6s SR
AN Cook* not out 36995036.36
JE Root c †Haddin b Siddle 8571014.03
TT Bresnan c †Haddin b Siddle 115006.66
IJL Trott not out 2100020
Extras (lb 4, nb 1) 5
Total (2 wickets; 30 overs) 52(1.73 runs per over)
To bat KP Pietersen, IR Bell, JM Bairstow, MJ Prior†, SCJ Broad, GP Swann, JM Anderson
Fall of wickets 1-47 (Root, 23.4 ov), 2-49 (Bresnan, 27.3 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ Extras
RJ Harris 511202.4
MA Starc 52801.6(1nb)
NM Lyon 1042102.1
SR Watson 55000
PM Siddle 51721.4

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