Australia Vs England 04/08/2013 - Scorecard and Review

Australia Vs England 04/08/2013 - Scorecard, Review and Statistical Highlights

CricketThe Day 4 of the Third ashes cricket test match between Australia and England on 04/08/2013 kicked off with England at a score of 294/7.  At this point it looked as though Australia might just be able to restrict them below the follow on target but unfortunately that was not the case.  The best highlights of the English batting in their first innings was Kevin Pietersen who made a brilliant century as he made a score of 113.  The Eng first innings wrapped up at a score of 368 which gave the Aussies a healthy lead before coming into bat the second time around.  At the end of the day the Australia Vs England 04/08/2013 scorecard looked brilliant for the Aussies as they were at a lead of 331 runs but unfortunately the match was interrupted by bad light followed by rain which angered Michael Clarke and diminished their hope to an extent.  As far as England and Australia's bowling on 04/08/2013 was concerned, Mitchell Starc and James Anderson were the pick of the bowlers of their respective teams as they took 3 and 2 wickets respectively.  Take  a look at the complete scorecard of the day 4 of the 3rd ashes test match including the batting and bowling performance review as it happened.

England 1st innings DismissalR B 4s 6s SR
AN Cook* c †Haddin b Starc 621777035.02
JE Root c †Haddin b Siddle 8571014.03
TT Bresnan c †Haddin b Siddle 115006.66
IJL Trott c Clarke b Harris 5320015.62
KP Pietersen lbw b Starc 11320612254.85
IR Bell b Harris 6011210153.57
JM Bairstow c Watson b Starc 22513043.13
MJ Prior† c Warner b Siddle 30984030.61
SCJ Broad c †Haddin b Lyon 32667048.48
GP Swann c †Haddin b Siddle 111111100
JM Anderson not out 3130023.07
Extras (b 3, lb 17, nb 1) 21
Total (all out; 139.3 overs; 598 mins) 368(2.63 runs per over)
Fall of wickets 1-47 (Root, 23.4 ov), 2-49 (Bresnan, 27.3 ov), 3-64 (Trott, 38.6 ov), 4-110 (Cook, 53.6 ov), 5-225 (Bell, 90.2 ov), 6-277 (Bairstow, 106.1 ov), 7-280 (Pietersen, 110.1 ov), 8-338 (Broad, 128.5 ov), 9-353 (Swann, 131.3 ov), 10-368 (Prior, 139.3 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ Extras
RJ Harris 3198222.64
MA Starc 2757632.81(1nb)
NM Lyon 35129512.71
SR Watson 1572601.73
PM Siddle 29.376342.13
SPD Smith 20603
Australia 2nd innings DismissalR B 4s 6s SR
CJL Rogers c †Prior b Broad 12231052.17
DA Warner c Root b Bresnan 41575071.92
UT Khawaja b Swann 24382063.15
SR Watson c Pietersen b Bresnan 18241075
MJ Clarke* not out 30321093.75
SPD Smith run out (sub [TR Craddock]/†Prior/Anderson) 191902100
BJ Haddin† c Broad b Anderson 891088.88
MA Starc c Swann b Anderson 111110100
RJ Harris not out 03000
Extras (b 4, lb 2, w 3) 9
Total (7 wickets; 36 overs) 172(4.77 runs per over)
Bowling O M R W Econ Extras
JM Anderson 803724.62(1w)
SCJ Broad 723014.28
GP Swann 1507414.93
TT Bresnan 602524.16(2w)

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