America's got Talent 27/08/2013 - Recap and Review

America's got Talent 27/08/2013 - Recap,  Review and Analysis

America's got Talent or AGT that aired on 27/08/2013 kicked off with a sad news as one of the Kristoff Brothers (a group that was set to perform during the course of the evening) was injured in a rehearsal after he fell 8 feet and landed on his head.  The injury led to them not performing during the Semi Finals, they were replaced by one of the wild card acts. To know more about what happened at AGT last night, Read on for the complete America's got Talent 27/08/2013 recap along with the performance review of the contestants and the analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers below.

The show officially kicked off with Tone the Chiefrocca rapping to the song B-Double-O-T-Y.  Their performance was quite decent.  Howard gave the act an X from the beginning while Mel enjoyed the performance.  After watching the performance, Nick claimed that he was waiting for Miley Cyrus to hit the stage.  Howie on the other hand compared the performance to Gangnam Style while Heidi said that was not her favorite version of the song as she was expecting a little more.

The next at America's got Talent on 27/08/2013 saw The Red Panda doing her Balancing act.  The act basically involved a tall unicycle, Bowl balancing and kicking them up to her head.  Howie praised the performance and so did Howard.  Heidi enjoyed the performance while Mel claimed she felt like she had seen it all before.

Next up at AGT night on 27/08/2013 was Angela Hooper who was a Comedian/Impressionist.  A fun act ended up with Howard saying that Angela was much better this time around.  Heidi said that her performance was not up to the mark while Mel hoped USA votes for her.  Lastly, Howie said that he thinks Angela was the best impressionist performance today.

Duo Resonance's balancing/dancing act during the course of AGT last night was amazing.  Heidi also felt positive about the performance while Mel claimed it to be beautiful and elegant.  Howie thought the performance was incredible while Howard didn't like it that much but still felt it was worthy to be called as a great performance.

Collins Key's magic act during the AGT night saw him doing a few amazing magic tricks.  The beauty of his act throughout was the audience interaction.  Mel claimed a part of her wanted to believe the act but a part of her felt it was fake.  Howie said he enjoyed the performance throughout while Howard didn't love it as he felt it was a bit flat.  Heidi felt it was a good performance.

Innovative force were involved with a lot of Dance, Strength, Balancing, Stunning and Tumbling during America's got Talent on 27/08/2013.  Heidi gave them a standing ovation while Howie claimed that he felt as though this was a cheerleading competition and claimed the performance to be cheesy.  Howard loved seeing the kids while Mel said that the group was talented but found the performance last night a little messy as she found a few mistakes.

Dave Finely's singing of "Say You'll be there" by Spice girls was amazing.  Mel loved the redition of the song while Howard thought it was a trainwreck and that Dave needed to get off the Mel B thing.  Heidi said that she enjoyed the act while Howie said he disagreed with Howard and thought it was the best choice of the night.

Taylor Williamson's comedy at America's got Talent on 27/08/2013 was hilarious right from the start with a good reaction from the crowds and the judges.  Williamson recieved a standing ovation from the audience as well as Howard Stern and Howie Mandel.  Heidi enjoyed the performance, Mel felt Taylor was inappropriate and she loved it.  Howie confessed that Taylor was brilliantly funny.

Next up at America's got Talent was the Opera Singer Jonathan Allen.  His act didn't look that impressive.  Mel felt the performance was interesting while Howie told Allen the side of his voice  he tried to show last night was not the strong one,  Howard claimed that he didn't connect emotionally to the song while Heidi loved the performance.

Catapult Entertainment's Shadow dance was superb and one of the best acts of the night.  Heidi loved it but  Mel B thought otherwise as she didn't understand what was happening until mid way .  Howie agreed with Mel.  Howard agreed with Mel and Howie as he said that the Story was not that clear.

A singer named Camie Bradley was the next performer at America's got Talent 27/08/2013.  Her voice was very powerful and the judges enjoyed it.   Mel B said that she loved Camie's voice but felt the performance was very similar to the one she did last week.  Heidi felt that it took courage for someone to try out a well known Elvis song and rework on it.  Howard claimed that he couldn't help but fall in love with her.

The final act at America's got Talent on 27/08/2013 was the Opera Singers 'Forte' who sang the song 'Unchained Melody.'  A good performance ended with Heidi and Mel saying that they loved Forte while Howard claimed that it was about time Mel came to her senses.   Howie on the other hand said that they solidified themselves a place in Quarterfinals.  Lastly, Howard gave his vote claiming the performance to be beautiful.  That's it for my Recap of the show.

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