Nintendo 2DS Release Date Revealed

Nintendo 2DS Release Date Revealed

The release date of the 2DS version of Nintendo's Portal gaming console has been announced.  As per the company, the gaming system will launch on October 12th 2013 alongside Pokemon X and Y.  As far as the price of the console is concerned, the company has revealed that it will cost around $130 which is $40 less than the 3DS version.  Apart from the Nintendo 2DS release date, the company has also revealed that the gaming system will be backwards compatible.
The gaming system will also allow gamers to play all the 3DS games and the DS titles.  The colors available at the time of purchase will be black with blue trim and black with red trim.

Despite the console sporting two screens the design will be similar to the style of a tablet.  The machine will also feature two Cameras for recording videos and taking photos but can't playback 3D Videos as expected.

The launch of the console does not mean that the company is moving away from 3D versions of the system.  Scott Moffitt (Marketing Executive) has confirmed that the only reason behind the launch of the 2 D version of the upcoming handheld was just to attract more consumers at a lower price point.

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