WWE Raw 12/08/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 12/08/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Monday Night Raw that aired on 12/08/2013 kicked off with Daniel Bryan making his way to the ring.  A recap from last week's episode was then shown where Bryan avoided getting his beard shaven.  Due to the events that occurred during Bryan's shaving event, a rematch was set up for last night between Bryan and Barrett.  To know more about what happened during the course of the night, have a look at the complete WWE Raw 12/08/2013 Results along with the performance review of the matches and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers below.

The results of the first match at WWE Raw on 12/08/2013  between Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett with Brad Maddox as the special guest referee went in favor of Barrett after he ducked a kick to his head and rolled up Bryan to win the match via a quick pinfall count by Maddox.

Post match results, Bryan stared at Maddox and moved him to the corner went after him but Maddox eventually managed to escape out of the ring to the ramp.

The next match of the night was scheduled to take place between Damien Sandow and Randy Orton.  In the end, Orton Emerged the winner when Cody distracted Sandow which allowed Orton to plant an RKO for victory.

A 20-Man battle royal was announced for later on during the WWE Raw 12/08/2013 show to find out the no.1 contender for the United States Championship.  The results of the match was about to reveal who gets a title against Dean Ambrose at Summerslam.

Backstage at WWE Raw 12/08/2013, The shield emphasized that they were the new generation and were more hungrier and better that anyone else in the locker room.

The next segment at WWE Raw 12/08/2013 saw Josh Matthews interviewing CM Punk backstage.  Punk spoke about Heyman and their match and claimed that he excepted to see Lesnar tonight.

The match between The Great Khali and Natalya against AJ Lee and Big E Langston saw AJ Lee and Big E losing once again after Natalya applied a Sharpshooter on AJ to tap out.

Post Results, Langston attacked Khali and tossed Hornswoggle across the ring and kicked him.  When he turned around, he received an overhead chop from Khali after which Khali, Natalya and Hornswoggle danced to end the segment.

WrestlingA Backstage segment at WWE Raw involving Vince McMahon saw him speaking about the match between Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett that happened earlier.  McMahon called out Maddox after which he confessed that his excitement might have led him to do a fast count.  Vince then said that everyone made mistakes after which Maddox asked for a second chance and promised to be fair this time.  Vince eventually announced that Maddox would be the special referee at the upcoming Pay Per View and out came Triple H.

Triple H didn't agree to Vince's decision to allow Maddox as a special guest referee and claimed that it sounded as though Vince was referring to him.  He then dropped his mic and gave a pedigree to Maddox which left Vince pissed as he went towards the ramp only to stare back at Triple H.  The segment ended with Triple H being announced as the special referee.

The match between Kane and Titus O' Neil at WWE Raw 12/08/2013 resulted with Kane winning via a chokeslam.

As expected, Post match results the lights went out after which  Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Eric Rowan were out once again.  The segment saw a lot of hide and seek from Kane as he disappeared and reappeared in the ring and ended with Kane making the Pyro go off which left Bray smiling.

Another Backstage Interview at WWE Raw 12/08/2013 saw Josh Matthews talking to The Bella Twins.  The Bellas claimed that they were in complete control of the divas division and walked up to Natalya and proposed a singles match at the upcoming PPV.  Natalya asked her to bring Nikki and Eva Marie and said she would bring Cameron and Naomi.  After the match was set, Brie slapped Natalya and walked off.

The results of the match between Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston at WWE Raw 12/08/2013 went in favor of Del Rio after he used his cross arm breaker for  a win.

Renee Young interviewed Christian who said that at the upcoming Pay per View he will finally become the WWE World Heavyweight champion once again.  His interview was interrupted by Del Rio who walked up to him laughed, spoke something in spanish and walked off.

The match between Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro against The Uso's on 12/08/2013 saw the Uso's emerging as winners after they hit a double team move for a victory.

Next up at WWE Raw 12/08/2013 was The Miz TV.  Daniel Bryan was the first to come out to the ring and he was soon followed by John Cena.

Cena spoke about Triple H being the special guest referee in his match against Daniel Bryan.  He claimed that his match on Sunday will be a hell of a fight.  Just as The Miz was about to speak he was interrupted by Daniel Bryan who threatened to punch him if he did not shut up.  Cena tried to interrupt as well but was hushed by Bryan.  Daniel then spoke about how Cena was all about style and substance and not about wrestling.  Cena claimed that he was happy how he had developed as a wrestler and spoke about the Make a wish foundation and said he was happy to be the person he was.  Bryan then warned Cena against treating his matches as he did with Rock or Shawn Michaels as he respected them.  He also said that in Japan Wrestlers slapped each others before their matches as a tradition but he will not do that as he did not consider Cena a wrestler.  Cena then slapped him but Bryan didn't hit back as he said Cena didn't deserve it.  Triple H then came out and got in between Cena and Bryan as Randy Orton stared from the stage.

The results of the match between Fandango and R-Truth at WWE Raw on 12/08/2013 ended in a no contest as Fandango attacked Truth while he was dancing which ended up with both brawling.

Backstage, Paul Heyman was with Curtis Axel.  Axel asked Heyman if he was nervous to which he responded by saying he was having second thoughts.

The results of the No.1 Contenders battle royal match for the US Championship involving Rob Van Dam, Tensai, Brodus Clay, Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Ryback, Mark Henry, Justin Gabriel, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Jack Swagger, Antonio Cesaro, The Great Khali, R-Truth, Fandango, Darren Young, Titus O’Neil, Kofi Kingston and Wade Barrett went in favor of RVD after he eliminated Ryback towards the end.

After the match Results, The Shield interrupted and cornered Mark Henry and RVD.  Big Show's music then hit as he came out and stood alongside Henry and RVD.

The final match of the night was CM Punk against Paul Heyman.  Heyman was not in his wrestling attire as he said this was all a conspiracy to introduce his co-conspirator Brock Lesnar.

Heyman claimed he was willing to fight Punk tonight only if it was a handicap match with Lesnar by his side.  Punk's music then hit and out he came from behind and grabbed the camera off the cameraman.  He hit Lesnar with a Camera and hit him with a sucide dive before giving him some chairshots tot he back.  Punk then chased Heyman up the ramp but ended up brawling with Axel instead.  Punk then planted a GTS on Axel after which Raw went off air with Punk staring Wrestler at ringside.


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