WWE Raw 26/08/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 26/08/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) Monday Night Professional Wrestling Show 'Raw' that aired from Phoenix, Arizona kicked off with The Shield guarding the ring as Triple H made his way towards it dressed up in a suit.  Following last week where Daniel Bryan was humiliated, the show that kicked off last night looked to be focused on the same storyline.  To know about what happened during the course of the night, Read on for the complete WWE Raw 26/08/2013 Results along with the performance review of the matches and Analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers below.

Before making his way towards the ring at Raw 26/08/2013, Triple H stopped and smiled at The Shield after which a Recap from Summerslam where Randy Orton won the Championship was shown.  Triple H claimed, what happened at Summerslam was all about business but what happened last week on Raw was personal.  He further said Daniel Bryan insulted his Wife and family and got what was coming for him.  He also said that the ratings and social media were over the roof last week because of Randy Orton and Introduced the New WWE Champion to the ring.

Triple H congratulated Randy Orton on his title win at Summerslam and claimed that he liked to reward people who excelled,  He also claimed that he had got a gift for Orton in the form on Cadillac Escalade.  Orton thanked Triple H for realizing that he was the face of WWE but before he went to see the Cadillac, out came Daniel Bryan.  Bryan thanked Cena for the title shot at Summerslam and the fans for supporting him throughout.  He went on to make fun of triple h's nose which was not taken lightly by Randy Orton who asked him to show them both some respect.  Bryan then said that Triple H was nothing but a sellout in a suit but thanked him for showing his true colors.  Soon enough, Bryan said at the Night of the Champions Pay Per View he will be the new champion.  Triple H claimed Bryan was B at the best and set up a match between Bryan and Seth Rollins, If he made it through he had to face Dean Ambrose and if he made that through as well, He would have to face Roman Reigns.

A footage from last week's Raw Segment between CM Punk and Curtis Axel was then shown.  It was announced that the two will face off against each other at WWE Raw 26/08/2013, the fans had a chance to choose the stipulation of the match via the WWE application.  The stipulations to choose from were, Paul Heyman banned from ringside, Heyman as special guest referee or Heyman against Punk if Punk wins the match.

The results of the first match of the night between Cody Rhodes and Fandango on 26/08/2013 went in favor of Rhodes after Cody rolled up Fandango who was distracted by The Miz who mocked him.

Post match results, Sandow attacked Rhodes while Miz threw Fandango from the ring.  Raw General Manager Brad Maddox then came out and made a tag match between Cody Rhodes and The Miz against Fandango and Damien Sandow.

The results of the tag team match on 26/08/2013 ended in a favor of the Miz and Rhodes after Fandango and Summer Rae walked off.  Miz hit a skull crushing finale for the win.

After the match Fandango said his own name from the stage and danced with Summer Rae.

A backstage segment on 26/08/2013 saw Josh Matthews interviewing Christian,  He was asked about Triple H but was interrupted by Randy Orton.  They had words and it was revealed that they would be facing off against each other at WWE Raw 26/08/2013.

CM punk was hoping that the Fans would choose an option where he will have to face Paul Heyman.  Backstage, Heyman and Axel saw Axel saying that Punk will need to out wrestle him tonight which he cannot do. Before the match took place, it was revealed that if Punk won, he would get in the ring with Paul Heyman.

The results  of the match between CM Punk and Curtis Axel saw CM Punk emerge the winner after he hit Axel with a GTS for victory.  

Heyman was shocked and tried to go towards the back but was brought back to the ring by the referees.  Punk was anxiously waiting for Heyman to come to the ring and fight him.  Heyman tried to escape once again but was brought back by security.  Just as Punk rolled Heyman in the ring, he was given a low blow by Axel who used the handcuffs to lock punk's hands behind his back.  Punk tried his best to fight back but was eventually overpowered by Axel who pulled Punk out of the ring and threw him into the announcers table. 

The results of the next match between Natalya and Brie Bella at Raw 26/08/2013 went in favor of Brie after she took advantage post interference by Total Divas.

Post match, Divas champion AJ Lee came out to the stage and spoke about the episode of Total Divas.  She claimed that she saw a bunch of useless, talentless women.  She further spoke about how she has done 1 more year than all of them combined.  After bragging a bit more about herself she dropped the mic and skipped away.

The results of the match between Rob Van Dam and Alberto Del Rio at Raw 26/08/2013 saw RVD in after Ricardo distracted Del Rio after standing on top of the announcers table.  This now means RVD will get a title shot.

The next segment showed a video where John Cena claimed that he would not be competing for the next 4-6 months because of surgery.

Backstage Josh Matthews spoke about Ryback's bullying antics.  Ryback grabbed Matthews and got him to the knees and asked Matthews to shut up and punched on his face.

Another backstage segment saw Renee Young interviewing Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel.  She asked Heyman if he was afraid earlier.  Axel claimed Punk would never forget the beating he gave to him.  Heyman said Punk was a child who needed to keep getting punished and claimed that Punk will soon learn that he is the last person to come up against.

The results of the match between Chrisitan and Randy Orton at WWE Raw 26/08/2013 saw Randy Orton winning after he blocked the killswitch and nailed an RKO.

Post match, Daniel Bryan appeared on the screen to congratulate Orton.  Bryan was backstage in front of the cadillac that Orton had received earlier during the night.  He wondered if he was the new face of WWE if he defeated Orton at Night of Champions.  He then started his yes chat and painted over the Escalade.

Triple H, Maddox and Orton inspected the Cadillac as Maddox pointed out that everyone was laughing at Triple H and Orton.  HHH claimed Cadillac was his personal property and said that the WWE title was also his property and Orton was carrying it for him.  Triple H then instructed Maddox to get the WWE Roster together so they can watch what happens to Bryan tonight.  He claimed he will fire anyone who dares to help.

The results of the match between Titus O' Neil and Jack Swagger at WWE Raw 26/08/2013 saw Titus O' Neil using a spinebuster for a win.

Another segment saw Bray Wyatt speaking about his new finisher Sister Abigail.

Backstage Brad Maddox was with a doctor with CM Punk refusing medical attention.  Punk claimed that he wanted a match against Heyman.  Maddox announced a Handicap elimination match for Night of Champions - Punk vs Heyman and Axel.

The Gauntlet match between Daniel Bryan Vs Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and then Roman Reigns saw Bryan winning against Rollins courtesy of a german drop.  He also won his match against Ambrose after a disqualification where Roman Reigns interfered.   However the third match didn't start as The Shield tore apart Bryan as the WWE Roster looked on.  Big Show looked very angrily at Triple H as Bryan was beaten up a bit more.  Triple h asked the roster to laugh now before Raw 26/08/2013 went off air.

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