WWE Summerslam 18/08/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Summerslam 18/08/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment's Sunday Night Summerslam Pay Per view that aired on 18/08/2013 kicked off with The Miz welcoming the WWE Universe to the show and talking about two main events, Brock Lesnar Vs CM Punk and the championship match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan.   Fandango then came out to the stage and casually danced with Summer Rae as The Miz welcomed the fans once again.  To know more about what happened during the course of the night, Read on for the complete WWE Summerslam 18/08/2013 Results along with a performance review of the matches and the analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers below

WWE Summerslam 18/08/2013The show officially kicked off with the Ring of Fire match between Kane and Bray Wyatt.  To be honest, i expected Kane to win this match easy but that was not to be as Harper and Rowan interrupted in the midst of the match when Kane was just about to hit a tombstone on Wyatt.  They attacked Kane after which Rowan planted a splash on Kane and pulled Wyatt up who nailed a spinning STO finisher for the win.

After the results of the match went in favor of Bray Wyatt, Rowan and Harper positioned Kane on the steel steps as Bray looked on sitting in his rocking chair.  Rowan and Harper then slammed the other part of the steps on Kane after which the Wyatt family dragged Kane along with them to the backstage.

A backstage segment that followed saw Heart Break Kid Aka. HBK (Shawn Michaels), Booker T and Vickie Guerrero speaking about the Ring of Fire match.

The next match during Summerslam 18/08/2013 last night was scheduled to take place was Cody Rhodes Vs Damien Sandow.  Rhodes emerged the winner after he kicked Sandow in the midsection and planted a cross Rhodes for victory.

Post the results of the match, Cody spoke about how he wanted the world title as Sandow grasped the MITB briefcase.

One of the main events of the night was the World Heavyweight championship match between Alberto Del Rio and Christian.  Del Rio retained his championship after Christian was unable to capitalize on a spear he planted on him due to a weak shoulder.  Del Rio locked in a Armbreaker before Christian tapped out.

After the results were announced, Del Rio was interviewed in the ring.  Rio claimed that last night was a great night as he continued to be our champion.  He claimed to represent the latinos again.

Backstage, The Miz interviewed Maria so that Fandango and Summer Rae could show up and dance.  The Miz and Maria eventually showed up Team Fandango by dancing off.

The WWE Divas match at Summerslam on 18/08/2013 was Brie Bella Vs Natalya.  It was yet another loss for Brie as Nataya reversed a sunset flip into a sharp shooter for Brie to tap out.

Next up during last night's PPV was a No DQ match between Brock Lesnar and CM Punk.  The results of the match saw Lesnar winning after there was an interference by Paul Heyman.  Punk punched Heyman and locked the Anaconda Vice on him but Lesnar managed to hit Punk with the chair and eventually F5'd him onto to chair to get the win.

The next match was Big E Langston and AJ Lee Vs Kaitlyn and Dolph Ziggler.  As expected, the match went in favor of Kailtyn and Ziggler after Kaitlyn hit a spear on AJ outside the ring and Ziggler reversed the big Ending into a Zig zag to win via pinfall.

The final match of last night's Summerlam was John Cena Vs Daniel Bryan with Special Guest Referee Triple H.  The winner of this match was someone most of the fans had been waiting for Bryan emerged Victorious and the New WWE Champion after he hit a running High Knee on John Cena and Pinned him.

Post match, Randy Orton came out to the ring with his MITB briefcase.  HHH pedigreed Daniel Bryan after which Orton then decided to cash in and eventually became the new champion.

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