America's got Talent 10/09/2013 - Recap and Review

America's got Talent 10/09/2013 - Recap, Review and Analysis

The America's got Talent or AGT that aired on 10/09/2013 kicked off with the Top 12 acts performing live.  The show as expected was a feast to watch with 12 of the best acts giving it their all as they tried inching their way towards the title.  Read on for the complete America's got Talent 10/09/2013 Recap along with a review and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers below.

The first act of the AGT on Tuesday Night were the Chicago Boyz who specialized in Jump Roping.  A truly fantastic performance ended with Mel claiming that she loved the performance while Howie called it the best of the best.  Howard said that he hoped USA could look over the mistakes while Heidi claimed that she truly enjoyed the performance.

Next up at America's got Talent 10/09/2013 was a contestant named Brandon James.  Brandon who was good with Opera singing performed to Hallelujah and was quite good.  Mel loved the performance as she thought he nailed it.  Howie confessed that his song selection was perfect.  Howard congratulated Brandon on going out there and giving it his all while Heidi said that the performance tonight was better than the last one.

Innovative force's Gymnastics were quite good to watch as well.  Howard confessed that he thought USA was going to eat up the act and love it.  Heidi told the group that her little girls were inspired by them.  Mel said that this was their best performance and Howard ended by saying the act was definitely entertaining and a definite wow moment.

The Kristef Brother's showed some great strength at AGT as well.  Their act was so awesome that the audience and the judges ended up giving them a standing ovation.  Heidi claimed she loved them and would just love to keep standing and clapping.  Mel said she wanted to buy a ticket to go see their show.  Howie claimed that he loved everything they did while Howard wrapped up by saying they took their routine and turned it into an SNL sketch which was superb.

D' Angelo and Amanda's Ballroom dancing at America's got Talent 10/09/2013 was one of the best dance performances of the night.  Mel kicked off the comments by saying they nailed the performance while Howard said he thought it was the toughest night USA has had but reminded the audience to vote.  Howard claimed they would have been the winners in any other season while Heidi said their performance was impressive.

Catapult Entertainment's Shadow Dancing at America's got Talent 10/09/2013 was another fantastic performance.  Their act this time involved a boy being chased by monsters and how he overcame the situation through the power of love.  The judges and the Audience once again gave a standing ovation  with Howard saying that he thought the performance was touching and emotional.  Howie said that Catapult entertainment do what they do best while Heidi thought they were back today with a clear message.  Mel B wrapped things up by saying the performance was magical, flawless and breath taking.

Forte were next up at AGT and they performed tot he italian version of the "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion (Titanic Theme.)  A good performance ended with Howard loving it while Heidi said that they sung the song like true professionals.  Mel said she would be soo angry if they didn't make it through.   Howie said the performance was amazing.

A comedian named Taylor Williamson was quite funny to watch.  Heidi didn't love the performance but said that Taylor was going on her.  Howard hoped people vote for him. Mel didn't seem to have enjoyed the performance much.

Magician Collin Keys tricks were quite good as well.  A little familiar but quite good to watch.  The judges liked the performance as well.

Kenichi's dancing at AGT was once again impressive with the judges giving a standing ovation.  Mel claimed it to be flawless while Heidi said it was beautiful.  Howie said it was a wow performance and that Kenichi was the most talented man.  howard wrapped up by saying that it was a stripped up performance and he's anticipating Kenichi in the Top 2.

The Country singer Jimmy Rose performed to "God Gave me You."  The performance ended with Howie saying that Jimmy was great but not a wow performance.  Mel disagreed with Howie and said she loved the performance.  Heidi enjoyed it while Howie agreed with Howard and felt the wow factor was missing.

Cami Bradley's singing of Living o n a prayer by Bon Jovi looked to be the best way to end the America's got Talent 10/09/2013 show.  All the judges and audiences were at her feet.  That's it for my recap.

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