Far Cry 3: Meet Citra - Mission Objectives and Review

Far Cry 3: Meet Citra Mission Objectives and Review

The 11th Level in Far Cry 3 called as Meet Citra (Lady Boss) starts where the previous one left off.  The main goal during the level is to bring Liza safely to the cave which is located beneath Dr. Alec Earnhardt;s home and to find powerhead for the boat daisy found.  Take a look at the complete list of Far Cry 3: Meet Citra Mission Objectives below along with a few pictures and a video from the mission.


  • Get out of the cave.
  • Talk to the lady boss.
  • Meet Dennis and then follow him.
  • Locate the Object Citra wants and return it back to her
  • Leave the temple.


*The level will begin at the cave below Dr. Alec Earnhardt's home.  Once you leave the cave, you will receive a call from Dennis asking you to meet him at a temple where he is about to introduce you to the main boss.  The Temple will be at a location which is southeast.  To reach the destination quickly,  it is recommended to fast travel to a location which is closest to the temple, which in this case is the Amanaki Outpost.

*It is recommended to activate the radio tower that is located to the north of the temple before you enter it.  Bear in mind of the enemies around it.

*Beware of the Dingos, Shooting them will alert the enemies around you.

*After speaking to the lady boss, once you are done hallucinating, Follow the man in white who will lead you to a building and the rest is self explanatory.





On the way down


 Video (search for the object)

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