WWE Raw 09/09/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 09/09/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) Monday Night Professional Wrestling show 'Raw' that aired on 09/09/2013 kicked off with Edge making his way out towards the ring.  He spoke about how he felt at home when the fans welcomed him during the show.  He further spoke about how Triple H wanted him to be at the show as it was going to be good for business and also said that HHH spoke about him having a reunion, not with his best friend Christian but with Randy Orton (Formerly Rated RKO.)  Edge then claimed that Orton had nothing interesting to say and watching him was like watching paint dry.  He further said that Orton was just Triple H's lackey.  Edge decided not to have Orton as his guest on Cutting Edge tonight but said he would have a guest that was good for business and out came Daniel Bryan.  To know more about what happened during the course of the show last night, Read on for the complete WWE Raw 09/09/2013 Results along with the performance review of matches and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers below.

A recap from last Week's WWE raw was then shown where Big Show was forced to Knock out Daniel Bryan.  Bryan confessed that no matter what they do to him, he will beat Randy Orton at the Night of Champions.  Edge agreed with Bryan and said he deserved a fair shot to beat Bryan.  He then asked if Bryan thought he could beat Orton.  Bryan was confident enough and just when they spoke a little bit more, out came Randy Orton.

Randy Orton's segment at WWE Raw 09/09/2013 saw him speaking against Canada and making fun of Edge's Neck Injury.  Edge called Orton Spineless and ripped Triple H after which  HHH came out the ring.  Edge spoke about how Triple H didn't know anything about finding talent and also mentioned how HHH thought John Cena, Chris Jericho and Edge could not make it.  Triple H said he was wrong about them but had got things right as well.  He then claimed that time would tell if Bryan could make it and announced Bryan-Dean Ambrose match for the night.  He also said that since The Shield will be at the side of Ambrose, Bryan could have The Big show.  He further said that he was not a bad guy and people should learn to get along with him.  After a bit more of bashing around, Triple H said he could not hurt Edge because of his broken neck but could hurt someone he loved.  Out came the shield dragging Christian and dropped him onto the ramp.  The segment ended with Edge calling for some help from the back.

Backstage at WWE Raw 09/09/2013, The Shield got in between Edge, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.  Edge wished he could be cleared by the WWE doctors so he could go after Triple H.  HHH then yelled at Edge for walking into the city and doing what he did.  Triple H then asked Edge to leave which he refused.  Edge was then Threatened that he would be escorted by The Shield if he does not go out himself.  He then walked off. 

*The Results of the match between Kofi Kingston and Curtis Axel saw Kingston winning Via DQ after Axel didn't break a hold.

Post match results, Heyman came out to the ring to calm down Axel.  He said this cannot happen at NOTC.  Fans then cheered for CM Punk.  Axel confirmed that he wont repeat this at NOTC and bashed up Kofi a bit more. Kofi however fought him off and nailed a trouble in paradise.

A match between Goldust and Randy Orton was announced for later on.  If Goldust won, Cody got his job back.

Another Backstage segment at WWE Raw 09/09/2013 saw Curtis Axel asking the referee to help him take Paul Heyman off the floor in the hallway backstage.  Axel then yelled for someone to clear the trainers room and laid Heyman on a table.  Heyman claimed he needed his own doctor to see him rather than a wwe doctor.  He then let the WWE Doctor put some ice on his knee.  Axel wanted to know who put water in the hallway which caused Heyman to Fall.

Big Show was shown looking sad backstage after which Booker T walked in.  Booker claimed he knew what happened last week and also knew Show wanted to take it out on everyone tonight. Booker spoke about how Cody was fired because of speaking his mind and comforted the Big Show by saying he would have done the exact same thing in his situation.  He also said people might want Show to be a hero but he needed to think about his daughter and family.  Booker warned Show not to allow his Pride take over as he might not be able to take his mistake back.  Show then said pride was all he had and walked off.

*The Results of the match between Dolph Ziggler and Bray Wyatt at WWE Raw 09/09/2013 saw Wyatt emerge the winner after he hit a Sister Abigail.

Post match results, The Wyatt Family posed together.  

Another segment at WWE Raw 09/09/2013 saw Axel helping Heyman come out to the ring.  Heyman walked in crutches and spoke about how he did not believe in the Canadian healthcare system.  He then introduced his doctor from New York and said he tore either his meniscus or ACL but would know his condition exactly after he gets his MRI done at the United States.  He then withdrew himself from his NOTC match and said he would go back and get proper medical care.  He promised to be back after which out came Raw General Manager Brad Maddox.  Maddox claimed that they had a full medical staff to assist Heyman and said he could only be removed from the match if he was evaluated by the WWE Doctors.  Dr. Sampson who was out for the evaluation wanted Heyman to sit in a chair as he examined his Knee.  Heyman was then helped by Axel and another doctor

The doctor claimed that nothing was wrong with Heyman and he was medically fit as per his clinical opinion.  Heyman was upset as he claimed Maddox was making a huge mistake.  CM Punk's music then hit and out he came.  Punk ran down with a Kendo Stick and hit Heyman's doctor and Axel.  Heyman ran away through the crowd.  Punk then let the Fake doctor leave the ring but unloaded a lot of kendo stick shots on him.

*The Results of the match between Layla, Alicia Fox and Aksana against Natalya, Brie Bella and Naomi at WWE Raw 09/09/2013 saw Nat, Brie and Naomi win the match after Nat locked in a sharpshooter.

*The Results of the match between R-Truth and Alberto Del Rio at WWE Raw 09/09/2013 saw Del Rio winning after he locked a cross armbreaker for a win.

A tag team turmoil match announced for the new #1 Contender for the WWE Tag titles.  The contestants were 3MB, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro, The Usos, Darren Young and Titus O' Neil and lastly Tensai and Brodus clay.

*The results of the WWE Raw 09/09/2013 match between Santino Marella and Antonio Cesaro saw Marella winning the match after he hit a cobra.

*The Results of the match between Damien Sandow and The Miz at WWE Raw 09/09/2013 saw Sandow win the match after Miz was distracted by Summer Rae.

*The Results of the match between Randy Orton and Goldust at WWE Raw 09/09/2013 saw Randy Orton Nailing an RKO for a win.  This means Cody is still fired.

Post match results, Orton stood over Goldust, took the mic and claimed that he shattered the hopes of Goldust saving Cody's career just like Daniel Bryan's dream of  taking the WWE title at NOTC.

Backstage at WWE Raw 09/09/2013, Goldust was approached by Stephanie McMahon who said he must be so disappointed.  She further said that Cody and his wife must be disappointed because Cody no longer has a job.  Stephanie then claimed that this was all because of Dustin and said he left the Family, WWE Universe down.  The segment ended after Stephanie told Goldust to go join Cody in unemployment line and tell Dusty Hi.

*The Results of the match between Rob Van Dam and  Ryback at WWE Raw 09/09/2013 saw Rob Van Dam winning after Ryback was disqualified for sending RVD into the ring post, Crotch first.

A backstage segment at WWE Raw 09/09/2013 saw Stephanie McMahon with The Big Show.  She said he can't lay a hand on shield tonight and if he did, he would be fired.  She further said that there was a special seat fr Show tonight and walked off leaving him upset.  Show then grabbed a monitor and threw it on the ground.

*The Results of the match between Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose at WWE Raw 09/09/2013 saw Bryan rolling up for a win despite of intereferance by The Shield during the course of the match.

Post match results, Ambrose got tossed out onto Rollins and Reigns.  Randy Orton then made his way out to the ring after which a brawl started.  Big Show despite itching to help Bryan couldn't do anything because of the fear of being fired.  Big Show was then asked to knockout Bryan.  Orton then held up Bryan as he waited for Show to hit a KO but he didn't do it.  Just as Orton was yelling at Show while he was facing the crowd, Bryan came with a knee to Orton's face out of nowhere.  WWE Raw 09/09/2013 ended with Bryan posing with the WWE title.

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