WWE Smackdown 27/09/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Smackdown 27/09/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment's Friday Night Smackdown that was taped on Tuesday Night but will air on 27/09/2013 kicked off from BMO Harris Bank Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  To know about what happened during the course of the show, Read on for the complete WWE Smackdown 27/09/2013 Results along with the performance review of matches and analysis of the show below.

Note: Spoilers below.

The show kicked off with Triple H coming out and welcoming people.  He spoke about how people had used favoritism on social media and said how the superstars blamed WWE officials for their failures.  He further spoke about how he and Stephanie McMahon had the burden of carrying the company and how he and his wife still received criticism for doing what was good for the business.

HHH said he had given the superstars an opportunity and out came The Miz.  Miz asked HHH if he really thought that he had been fair.  Triple H responded by saying that Miz was an example of how a superstar who got a chance failed.  He went on to say that he didn't understand how it was his fault that Miz didn't capitalize on the opportunity he had.  Triple H also added that Miz could not step in the ring, so he gave him another chance with the Miz TV which he failed there as well.

Triple H then showed a footage of Randy Orton bashing up the Miz a couple of Weeks back and claimed that Miz had lost a great opportunity.  Miz claimed it was not a chance but a setup.  Triple H then confessed that Stephanie was right in coming tot he ring and giving Miz a chance at Raw.  Miz responded by saying he should have called HHH's wife a B instead of a witch.

Triple H said he was going to give the Miz another chance and that he was going to give Randy Orton to Miz tonight if he needed it.  Miz was looking forward to it and Triple H offered to get Miz's parents to see him get beat down again.  The segment ended with Triple H telling the Miz that an opportunity was knocking at the door.

*The Results of the first match of the night at WWE Smackdown 27/09/2013 went in favor of  Alberto Del Rio.

Post match, Del Rio locked a Cross arm breaker on R Truth and out came Rob Van Dam.  He stomped Del Rio and hit him with a chair to the gut.  Del Rio then lied int he ring as RVD posed with a chair and the world title with Ricardo Rodriguez.

A match between Rob Van Dam and Alberto Del Rio was announced for battleground.  The match is supposed to be a hardcore Rules match.

*The tag team match between the Prime Time Players and Real Americans went in favor of The Real Americans after Swagger locked an Ankle lock to make Young Tap out.

*The Results of the match between Bray Wyatt and Zack Ryder at WWE Smackdown 27/09/2013 saw Bray winning after he hit the finisher for a quick win.

The  match between Dean Ambrose (With Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) against Dolph Ziggler (With Rob Van Dam and Kofi Kingston) saw a lot of back and forth and a brawl broke out outside the ring.  Triple H ordered the match to be restarted as a six man tag team match.

*The Results of the match between The Shield against Dolph Ziggler, Rob Can Dam and Kofi Kingston at WWE Smackdown 27/09/2013 went in favor of  The Shield after Reigns speared Ziggler.

The Big Show was then interviewed.  He spoke about how he needed this job and he had been torn by everything lately.  Triple H showed up and made fun of big show and claimed he could get him a job as a paperboy or packing airport bags.  Show threatened Triple H with  KO punch but he reminded of his family.  

*The Results of the match between AJ Lee and Cameron at WWE Smackdown 27/09/2013 went in favor of AJ after she nailed Cameron with a kick for the victory.

Paul Heyman came out and showed a recap of what happened during the Night of Champions.  He then spoke about how the fans saddened him and asked if they were really shocked that he beat CM Punk.  He then said everytime Punk would came before him he would fail and spoke about  CM punk at Raw and that he knew it was a trap.  He then showed a recap of Monday Night Raw and asked if fans thought that Punk could beat Ryback at Battleground.  The segment ended with Heyman saying that Punk will get beat at the hands of Ryback during the PPV.

*The Results of the match between 3MB against Santino Marella at and The Great Khali at WWE Smackdown 27/09/2013 went in favor of Marella and Khali.

The Results of the match between Randy Orton and The Miz saw Orton winning the match after he nailed an RKO on The Miz.

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