PlayStation 4 Voice Recognition feature revealed

PlayStation 4 Voice Recognition feature confirmed

Sony has revealed that their next gen console known as the PlayStation 4 or PS4 will include a voice recognition feature.  A Sony Representative also revealed that the feature will allow the players to interact with the camera and confirmed that the entire list of features will be revealed to those looking forward to get their hands on this upcoming console when the PS4 Officially launches on November 29th 2013 (Europe).  With the PlayStation 4 Voice Recognition, the company is looking to directly compete with Xbox's kinect and it would be interesting to see who eventually has the last laugh in terms of performance.  
Apart from the above details that were apparently revealed to Polygon by a Sony Spokesperson, it has also come to light that an amazon listing has revealed that the PS4 camera will include "Navigational commands."

The release date of the PS4 has been confirmed to be on 

November 15th 2013 - North America
November 29th 2013 - Europe and other countries.

What are your thoughts about the PlayStation 4 Voice Recognition feature?


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