Borderlands 2 Halloween-Themed DLC available now

Borderlands 2 Halloween-Themed DLC now Available

Borderlands 2The Halloween-Themed DLC of the Action, Role-Playing, First person Shooter video game Borderlands 2 has been released and is available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC for 3$.  The expansion  features TK Baha's Body Harvest in which the players will need to seek out the pieces of a key which will lead them into the heart of the Pumpkin Kingpin 's Pumkin patch where you will get to battle the Kingpin himself.  Apart from the Borderlands 2 Halloween-Themed DLC below is what the company has also confirmed.

It has also been revealed that throughout the upcoming Borderlands 2 downloadable content, players will be able to locate something called as an augmented candy which will drop from enemies and provide players a temporary buff which will include faster speed or increased damage.

The game originally made its way for all major platforms in September last year and has been received by the players as it has already shipped in excess of 7 Million copies.

What are your thoughts about the Borderlends 2 Halloween-Themed DLC?


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