Top Ten Best Free Android Games of October 2013

Top Ten Best Free Android Games of October 2013

It's Halloween time and i am back with the Top Ten Best Free Android games you can download this month.  Since this month is considers to be the most spookiest of the year, you will find that the list includes majority of titles keeping the Halloween in mind.  To know about the list of the greatest titles of October 2013, Read on.

Top Ten Best Free Android Games of October 2013

Android Robot10.  Subway Surfers (Halloween Edition)

Subway Surfers is not a new game but the Halloween edition update that released this month definitely gives this superhit running game a boost of an already impressive gameplay.  Get it at Google Play here.

09.  Dragon Story: Halloween

One of the cutest titles you can get your hands on this month is undoubtedly Dragon Story: Halloween.  The Objective of the game is simple Raise your dragons from babies to epic adults under the ghostly light of the full moon.  Get it from Google Play Store here.

08. Eden to Green

Zynga's Eden to Green has impressive gameplay, good visuals and a treat to play.  The Objective of the game is to create an army from a wide variety of plants to fight back against the alien machines and restore the once beautiful vistas.  Get it at PlayStore here.

07. Zombies ate my Friends

Zombies ate my Friends is an Action-Arcade game which will keep you to the edge of your seats.  The quests, Zombies and the gameplay everything about this game is just perfect.  Get it at Market here.

06. Doodle Devil

Doodle Devil is a title where you just need to destroy everything.  While some of the users think the game is somewhat lame.  I believe its a great stress reliever and fun to play.  Download it here.

05. Nun Attack: Run and Gun

If you love temple run, Pitfall and Subway Surfers, you might enjoy this one as well.  Within this game, you get to pick the nun and run through monsters, destroying them in the process with your gun.  Get it here.

04. Hotel Transylvania Dash

In the non paid Version of Hotel Transylvania Dash, Players get to play 6 levels where you can help Dracula run his hotel by booking rooms, taking guests luggage's and attending to their needs.  Download the game from Google PlayStore here.

03. Plants Vs Zombies 2 (It's about time)

Just like the first Installment in the Plants Vs Zombies series, the second one does not disappoint either and graphics have improved to an extent as well.  Get it here.

02. Despicable Me

Another Movie inspired game ported to smartphones is Despicable Me.  In this game, you get to play as Minions and complete a few objectives.  Get it from google playstore here.

01. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Some might think the reason behind me selecting The Simpsons: Tapped out as number one in the Top Ten Best Free Android games of October 2013.  Well the answer is simple, this is one game that has it all according to me, it has great graphics, storyline and is quite addicting to play and the unique feature about it is, i don't see it lag as much as most of the other titles do.  Get i here.

What are your thoughts about the Top Ten Best Free Android Games of October 2013?


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