WWE RAW 21/10/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE RAW 21/10/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night Professional Wrestling Show or WWE Raw that aired on 21/10/2013 kicked off with a look at Cody Rhodes and Goldust winning the Tag team tiles last week.  This week's show aired from FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN and started with Triple H making his way out to ring alongside Stephanie McMahon.  To know about what happened during the course of the entire show, Read on for the complete WWE Raw 21/10/2013 results along with the performance review of matches and analysis of the show.

WWE Raw 21/10/2013 Results and Review

Stephanie started the show by speaking about how the fans were just jealous.  She further talked about Sunday's Hell in a Cell PPV and the matches it is suppose to feature.  Triple H spoke about Shawn Michaels being the special referee and said that the fans as well as he trusted Shawn.  HHH said he trusted Shawn more than any other man in the WWE.  Big Show then appeared on the big screen and spoke about respect.  He said Triple H and Stephanie didn't know the meaning of the word.  Stephanie went ringside to try pull show off the big screen as the argument between HHH and show continued.  Triple H claimed show was lose and spoke about how he was broke.  He then said Big Show was done and he was glad.  Show asked HHH if fhe was mad because of being sued for the dollars remaining on his contract and also asked if Triple H woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Stephanie asked show to shut up but he responded by asking her to shut up.  Stephanie then counted to 3 and Big Show was cut off from the screen.  Triple H then tried to bring out Dean Ambrose but instead was greeted by Daniel Bryan.

The Results of the first match between Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose at WWE Raw 21/10/2013 went in favor of Bryan after he rolled up Ambrose for a win.

 The next segment involved CM Punk speaking on the stage about his match at the Sunday Night Pay per view.  He said he would do whatever it took to get the job done and claimed that he had planned to put Ryback to sleep before working on Paul Heyman.  He further claimed that Heyman will find out what it was too be extreme.

A backstage segment at WWE Raw 21/10/2013 saw Triple H speaking to Vickie Guerrero.  He told her not to screw anything up.  Stephanie and Triple H walked in their office with Shawn Michaels already present.  Stephanie on the other hand was seen talking on the phone asking the security to hurry up because of Big Show.  Michaels asked HHH if he thought Bryan could not be a champion to which HHH ran down Bryan's look.  Shawn claimed that HHH and himself were in a same spot years ago.  Stephanie said they still couldn't figure out how Big Show got a video on the big screen earlier and claimed that things had changed.  Michaels said he had noticed it and that it was a shame.  Shawn ended the segment by saying that atleast one of them hadn't grown up.

The results of the match between Santino Marella and Heath Slater at Raw 21/10/2013 saw Marella winning after Slater was hit with a cobra for a win.

Post match, Santino Elvis stood on the announcers table and claimed that there was only one king of Memphis who was Jerry Lawler. 

The Results of the match between Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton at Raw that aired on 21/10/2013 saw Orton blocking the Zig Zag and nailing an RKO for a win.

The Results of the match between The Bella Twins and AJ Lee-Tamina Snuka at  Raw on 21/10/2013 saw the Bella Twins victorious  after Brie charged a knee to the head but Tamina pushed AJ out of the way and took it.  Brie then turned around and dropped AJ for a win.

A backstage segment saw Renee Young showing a footage of Paul Heyman, Ryback and Curtis Axel from SmackDown.  Heyman spoke about how he was in control, the same way he controlled Punk for all the years and the same way he continued to control Ryback.  He further said Punk won't get past Ryback whch meant he cannot get his hands on him.

The Results of the match between Erick Rowan and Luke Harper against The Miz and Kofi Kingston at WWE Raw 21/10/2013 Saw the Miz and Kofi winning after Kingston hit a huge clothesline for a win.

The Results of the match between CM Punk and Big E Langston against Curtis Axel and Ryback  at WWE Raw 21/10/2013 saw Punk and Langston winning after Big E hit a big ending on Axel for a win.

The Results of the match between Jack Sagger and Antonio Cesaro against Tensai and Brodus Clay at WWE Raw 21/10/2013 saw Swagger and Cesaro winning after Swagger locked a patriot lock on clay for a win.

The Results of the #1 contender's match between The Usos and Seth Rollins-Roman Reigns at WWE Raw 21/10/2013 ended in a no contest as they brawled.

The final segment saw the contract signing for the HIAC main event.  Randy Orton was the first one to be out and he was followed by Daniel Bryan.  Shawn Michaels who was the special referee for the match made his way out next.

Triple H first introduced Shawn Michaels.  Orton was the first contestant who was allowed to speak.  He started off by giving credit to Bryan for coming right back after getting beat down each week.  Orton claimed Bryan won't be getting up after he beats him this Sunday.  He also said that he had survived the Undertaker in Hell in a cell and had also beaten Cena and Sheamus in the cell.  He further said that Bryan had no idea who he was getting himself into and signed the contract.

Bryan spoke about how he expected these threats from orton.  He said everyone knew if it wasn't for the Authority, he would be standing there as a WWE Champion and also said that they both knew that he was capable of smashing the So-Called face of WWE.  Bryan thanked Orton for pushing himself which led to him proving that he was more than a B + Player.  He thanked Orton for exposing himself as a patsy and Stephanie and Triple H as spoiled brats they are and he then signed the contract.

Triple H claimed he had seen men like Bryan such as Edge, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho come and go.  Triple H further said that they were talented but not the one and further claimed that if any of them was the face of the company, they would have been working for Ted Turner now.  HHH confessed that Bryan might prove his worth inside the cell to which Bryan responded by saying that Triple H spoke about a big game behind his suit.  He then challenged Bryan to wrestle him.  Triple H said Bryan didn't know what was going on and further said that if he did not return, he was going to be a star like The Undertaker, Rock or Brock Lesnar.  He then said that he fought for A+ Players because they wanted to fight a star and claimed that he wouldn't waste his time fighting for someone like Bryan.  He then said Shawn should have never wasted time training Bryan after which HBK claimed that Bryan was very good and didn't waste his time.

Shawn Michaels asked what happened to HHH and said that the fans had voted for him to crown the champion and that's what he was going to do.  Orton said that he had told Triple h about HBK's agenda against Orton.  HHH claimed at the end of the day Shawn will do what was right to which HBK said that he was right and that he was going to do what was good for the business and the fans love.  Michaels then asked what Triple H had against Bryan.  Orton told Bryan he cannot beat him after which he started chanting yes.  A fight was about to break out just when a truck pulled over in the back with Big Show driving it.  Show drove through the backstage on to the arena.  Show then honked the horn as everyone looked confused.  He then asked Orton to turn around after which Bryan laid Orton out and left the ring.  Triple H looked on  as Big Show climbed the truck.  The WWE Raw 21/10/2013 went off air with Bryan standing on top of Show's Truck. That's it for the results and review of the show that aired last night.

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