WWE Raw 18/11/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 18/11/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night Professional Wrestling show kicked off with two major matches being announced for the night.  Big E Langston was about to face CM Punk for the Intercontinental championship and a 12 man tag team match between CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Usos and the Rhodes against The Shield and Wyatts.  Read on for the complete Results, Review and analysis of the show that aired last night below.

Note: Spoilers below.

WWE Raw 18/11/2013 Results

The first segment of the show saw Triple H coming out with Stephanie McMahon.  HHH spoke about what happened last week and how much importance they received.  He further claimed that without them, there would be nothing but Chaos in the WWE and said that he was unhappy with Raw last week because of which Maddox and Vickie Guerrero would be dealt with tonight.  Stephanie claimed to well rested after which Orton's music hit.

WWE Raw 18/11/2013 ResultsOrton grabbed a microphone and said that he blamed Steph and HHH for everything.  He further claimed that the results of what happened last week was because they failed to set a person in charge and him being the face of the company should have been given the opportunity to take care of things.  Steph claimed Orton was probably right after which Randy asked about what their plans were regarding The Big Show's attack and match against him.

Triple H asked Orton whom he was talking to and Orton responded that he was talking to the WWE Champion.  HHH responded by saying this was his company.  Vickie and Maddox came out to the ring with Maddox claiming this was all Vickie's fault.  Triple H said it didn't matter whose fault it was as both of them were about to be punished.  Stephanie then said that they both would be in matches tonight.  Vickie was going to face AJ while Maddox was going to face Randy Orton right now.  Triple H then said to make it fair, the match was a No DQ.  Maddox tired to chicken out of the match but Kane came out and forced him back into the ring.

* The Results of the No DQ match between Randy Orton and Brad Maddox saw Orton winning after the match was stopped by a referee as a result of Orton continuously bashing Maddox with a microphone.

* The Results of the WWE intercontinental championship match between Big E Langston and Curtis Axel at Raw 18/11/2013 saw Big E winning the match after he pulled down the straps and nailed a Big Ending.

A backstage segment saw Randy Orton talking to the Shield and claiming that he spoke to the Autority for them to have his back on Sunday.  Roman said if that was what the authority wanted that was what he would get.  However, Reigns also said Orton needed to have their backs as well to which he agreed.

A musical chairs contest between the Divas took place next.  The first person to be eliminated was Natalya.  Alicia was the next one.  All the Divas ended up arguing after which a brawl took place.

* The Results of the match between Big Show and Ryback at WWE Raw 18/11/2013 saw Big Show winning via pinfall after he nailed a KO punch.

After the match, Orton came out to attack Big show but was instead greeted with a spear.  Orton managed to get out of the ring.  He managed to get out of the ring after which Show celebrated.  While the medical staff was checking on Orton he kept asking where The Shield and Authority were.

* The Results of the match between The Real Americans and The Miz-Kofi Kingston saw The Real Americans winning after Swagger locked in the patriot lock.

Just before her match against AJ Lee, Vickie Guerrero pretended to be passed out and on a stretcher.  Stephanie asked them to wheel her to the ring a her match was up next.

* The Results of the match between Vickie Guerrero and AJ Lee at WWE Raw 18/11/2013 saw AJ nailing a black widow after which Vickie tapped out.  After the match Vickie fainted outside the ring.

Damien Sandow and Dolph Ziggler were backstage with Triple H.  They were told they would be taking part in a broadway brawl later on.  Triple H said he didn't even know what that mant but it was a chance for them to make a name for themselves and make music.

* The Results of the Broadway Brawl match between Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow at WWE Raw 18/11/2013 saw Ziggler smashing a guitar on Sandow to get a three count.

Backstage, Randy Orton asked Triple H and Stephanie if they had faith in him as the face of the company.  Stephanie said she needed to think about it.

John Cena was the next to make his way out to the ring. Cena grabbed a mike and showed a replay of Del Rio's attack on him.  He said that he had to watch the footage every single day since it happened which is why he was not in a very good mood..  He said its because of his energy right now he wanted to return soon.

Cena further said he didn't know if he would be the world champion but after he saw the crowd he realized he could.  He claimed that on Sunday he had a privilege to wrestle in front of his family and he will make them proud and remain world champion. Del Rio then made his way out.

Rio said that Cena gave a beautiful speech but that they had a real superhero in the house.  Del rio further said that Cena could say that he would be a champion on Sunday but asked him to do it right now with a sling.  Rio said that a real champion took advantage of the opportunity and an opportunity was in front of Cena right now.  Cena said he was right and ripped his sling off and beat down Del Rio.  Rio retreated but cena stood tall.

* The Results of the match between R-Truth and Xavier Woods against The Rhinestone Cowboys saw Truth and Woods winning after Woods hit the Honor roll and finished Drew with the Best in the Woods.

Triple H, Stephanie and Orton were seen together.  Steph claimed that they had confidence in Orton.  Triple H said that there wont be any interference on Sunday so Orton  was on his own.  They wanted Orton to trutly show he was the face of the company.  Orton claimed he will show them confidence.

The Results of the match between The Usos, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk against The Wyatts and The Shield at WWE Raw 18/11/2013 ended with The Usos, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk winning after Punk hit a GTS on Ambrose for a win.

After the match, The Real Americans came out and attacked Punk and Bryan but Rey Mysterio cleaned house before WWE Raw 18/11/2013 went off air.

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