Batman Arkham Origins Bug Fix Release Date Revealed

Batman Arkham Origins Bug Fix Release Date 

Warner Bros have finally gone ahead and apologized to the players regarding the widespread issues they have been facing while playing Batman: Arkham Origins.  That's not all, Apparently the company has also confirmed that they will release a bug fix within next week for all platforms to try and resolve most of the issues players might have faced until now.  The exact date of launch however was not confirmed.  The players can expect the following issues to be fixed in the upcoming patch.
    Batman Arkham Origins
  • Unable to continue Story Mode from the Main Menu.
  • Unable to unlock FreeFlow focus mode after reaching "Shadow Vigilante" Rank 3
  • Problems with Infinite Falling/Falling out of the world.
An earlier bug in the PC Version regarding players unable to navigate through the vent in Burnley Tower was patched and is available now.

As far as the Xbox 360 Version of the game is concerned, the bugs related to Corrupted saves, Crashing/Freezing are still being looked upon and might not be fixed in the upcoming patch.  A temporary resolution by the company however has advised the players to disconnect the Console from internet.

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