Top Ten Best PC Games of November 2013

Top Ten Best PC Games of November 2013

This month featured the release of few of the most amazing titles i was looking forward to since a long time, One of them being Batman: Arkham Origins.  After the success of the first too titles this was one of the titles i could not wait to play and i must admit despite a few bugs, the game didn't disappoint me that much and lived up to pretty much what i expected out of it.  Besides Batman, i was also looking forward to call of duty: Ghosts.  COD Franchise is an unbelievable franchise, I cannot imagine any game series where almost all the titles have been super hits. For me, this was the most amazing gaming experience of the month.  Anyhow, to break it down for you, Take a look at the complete list of ten of the best top PC Games i have played this month (November 2013).  

Note: The below list of Top Ten Best PC Games of November 2013 might include titles released earlier as well.  I have included them as i got a chance to play them this month.

Top Ten Best PC Games of November 2013

10. Fifa 14 - An amazing game, the only reason why i have put it in number ten of the Top Ten best PC Games of November 2013 is because i am not a very huge fan of sports game, Moreover compared to other Fifa titles i liked controls in this better

09.  Lego Marvel Super Heroes - A Lot of Superheroes to choose from, this was a fun experience but didn't have much of a storyline to play around with.

08.  State of Decay - Undoubtedly one of the top best Zombie Survival games available this November 2013.

07. Path Of Exile - I will be the first one to admit i don't like Role Playing Game much but this is one of the greatest releases this month.

06.  Metro: Last Night - Much better than Metro 2033, it was a good experience and enjoyable in comparison to its previous installment.
Call of Duty

05.  NBA 2K14 -  After missing out a lot of basketball titles, i decided to give this one a go.  It really brings might faith back to the NBA series as i thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay.

04. Battlefield 4 -  I only started playing this game series when Battlefield 3 was released, the fourth one truly lives up to its expectation and the graphics are just phenomenol.

03.  Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - You are the pirate in this game and have a lot of missions on the sea which are fun to play and really drew me into this game.

02.  Batman Arkham Origins: As i said earlier, despite bugs this game is just awesome, especially the fight sequences.

01.  Call of Duty: Ghosts - Undoubtedly one of the most superb, first person shooter the world has to offer.  With that being said, most of the gamers will agree with this being at the no. 1 spot of the top ten best pc games of November 2013.

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