Batista to return to WWE at Royal Rumble 2014?

Batista's Return set for WWE Royal Rumble 2014

Dave BatistaDo you remember the time when Batista (WWE Professional Wrestler) had a sling around his neck and was utterly disappointed after he lost to John Cena which ended with him quitting? It was a heart breaking time for a lot of Batista's fans including me to see a talent leave in such a way with lots to offer.  Well, that's the past now,  The good news is if the rumors are to be believed the former Evolution superstar/world heavyweight champion is all set to make a surprise return at World Wrestling Entertainment's Royal Rumble in 2014 and that's not all.

Apparently, it has also been rumored that Batista might win the Royal Rumble and challenge Randy Orton for the WWE world heavyweight championship at Wrestlemania.  There is also a buzz that a rematch between Batista and Undertaker might take place at the Pay Per view.

All in all it's a win win situation for us Batista fans, what are your thoughts about Batista's return to WWE at Royal Rumble 2014?

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