Dark Souls 2 DLC Improbable

Dark Souls 2 DLC might not happen

Dark SoulsTakeshi Miyazoe (Dark Souls 2 Producer) has confirmed something many of the fans might not like.  As per Miyazoe, the role playing game might not receive any post-release downloadable content.  in an interview with Edge, the producer confirmed that he did not expect a DLC for the game as they were looking to deliver a full gaming experience to the fans who purchase the game from the first day itself.

Unlike the second version, the first release of Dark Souls had Artorias of the Abyss DLC that added new weapons, enemies, locations, bosses and also included a competitive PvP mode within the game.

Miyazoe once again stressed that they did do additional content for Dark Souls but generally for the second version no downloadable content was being considered.  On a positive note, Takeshi confirmed that the players will get good full experience and will have fun as much as anyone else.

The release date of Dark Souls 2 has been confirmed on March 11, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The PC version will be release a bit later.

Would you have liked Dark Souls 2 DLC or are you happy with the move?


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