WWE Raw 16/12/2013 - Orton's dominance continues

WWE Raw 16/12/2013 - Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night Professional wrestling show kicked off with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in the ring and the entire WWE Roster present at stage.  Triple H and Steph once again spoke about how important it was for Randy Orton to win the match at WWE TLC on Sunday Night.  They then introduced Orton tot he ring and out he came with both the championships around his shoulders.  Orton said that no one had faith that he could win on Sunday but he proved everyone wrong especially those who claimed he had been handed over championships.  He further said it was fitting that everyone was on stage since he was better than everyone else.  Cena interrupted and called him stupid, He further said that he knew what Orton would say and claimed he just needed to congratulate him.  Cena then said that it was time for Orton as a champion to either put up or shut up.  

WWE RawOrton further said that Cena won't be getting any rematch tonight but Cena in turn said he wasn't talking about him.  Cena said he thought Orton should face Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Cena also said that he he understood that the reason behind Orton not defending the championship was because he was scared.  Orton replied saying that he was not scared but he did not need to listen to anyone.  Steph in turn said he did not have to listen to them.  Triple H also pitched in saying that Bryan didn't deserve a title shot but Steph said Bryan was the superstar of the year.  Triple H responded by saying that he wanted to give the fans what they want and said there would not be a better way then WWE Heavyweight champion facing Daniel Bryan.  Read on for the complete Results of the matches that took place below.

Note: Spoilers below.

* Big Show and Rey Mysterio defeated The Brotherhood after Rey went on to the shoulders of Big Show to nail a big splash for a 3 count.

The WWE Fans were given a choice to choose Punk's Partners at Raw in his match against The Shield.  The choices were The Usos, Los Matadores and The Prime Time Players.

After a commercial break, Raw Christmas was announced for next week.  The next segment involved Bad News Barrett claiming that there were over half a billion dollars in lottery money this week but he had some bad news, none of them will earn a cent of that money.  

Backstage, Orton was at the authority's office.  He was furious and claimed that it was unacceptable to how he was being treated after winning the biggest match ever.  Stephanie said that there was more than being a champion that meets the eye and said that there was a tremendous responsibility.  Triple H then claimed he could not just say he was champion but he had to show he is the champion and said he had Orton's back.

* Dolph Ziggler defeated Fandango after Dolph caught him with a roll up for a 3 count.

* Big E Langston and Mark Henry defeated The Real Americans after Big E hit a Big Ending for a 3 count.

* Rybaxel defeated Tons of Funk after Ryback nailed a shellshock for a win.

In the ring, CM Punk grabbed a mic and said that for weeks he had claimed that the shield would put him down in a 3 on 1 match.  He then said this wasn't a Christmas guy and he didn't believe in miracles and further said that last night he took down the entire shield.  He also claimed he knew this was far from over but he knew this was not about them.  He could not shake a feeling that someone from under the ring might Sweep him off.  He said he was not good with the authority and it showed when he punched Triple H.  He also said Triple H put him in a 16 on 1 handicap match, he offered triple H to come down and speak to him.  Instead out came Shawn Michaels.

CM Punk asked Shawn Michaels if he had something to say.  Shawn said that Punk should stop worrying about the Authority.  Michaels also said if anything he should have a problem with was with him.  Punk claimed he respected Shawn deep down but warned him if he kicked him again as he would respond in the same fashion.  Michaels responded that he always liked Punk and it pained him more than it pained Punk last week to kick him.HBK then said that this would pain him even more and introduced The Shield.

* The Shield defeated CM Punk and The Usos after Reigns hit a spear for a 3 count.

Bray Wyatt hit a promo and said that a fight against a machine would be a long process.  Bray also said that Bryan was a coward and that he gave him a chance to join him.  Bray was then shown speaking to Abagail and said that when they turn to her it was just an empty rocking chair.

* AJ Lee, Tamina and Alicia Fox defeated The Bella Twins and Natalya.

Backstage, Renee Young was interviewing Randy Orton.  Orton was fuming and said everything was like in Bizaro world right now.  He further said Bryan did not deserve to be the superstar of the year and the only thing everyone in WWE deserved to do was bend over and kiss his butt.

* Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton via DQ after Orton ducked a head kick and gave a low blow to get DQ'd

John Cena Came out to the ring to check on Bryan.  Orton came back to the ring and RKO'd Cena.  Orton then held both the championships high as Raw went off air.

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