Peggle 2 Release Date Revealed

Peggle 2 Release Date Revealed

Besides games such as Gears of War, Halo and Call of Duty Series, Xbox 360 was known to have a few addicting puzzle/casual games as well.  I remember playing the demo version of Peggle and i got to admit it, the game was quite addictive and fun to play despite the objective of the game being pretty simple.  I am sure most of the gamers felt exactly the way i did, probably that's the reason why Peggle 2 has been announced for Xbox One.

As per the preview of Peggle 2 at Venturabeat, the release date of the game will be on December 9th and it will be priced at $12.  The gameplay of the game is expected to be the same as the previous one but Peggle 2 will feature a few new features as well.  The new features mostly include new powers within the game.

So are your excited about the Peggle 2 Release date?


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